Minutes Thursday 5th March 2020

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Karl Spierling, Colin Campbell
  2. Apologies: Nicola Mair
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  AMC proposed, CC seconded
  4. Matters Arising: (i) AMC finalised RBS documentation with IJ/LG signatures, (ii) IJ has drafted TS response – awaiting outcome of current roadworks to observe remaining defects, additional comments re gulley maintenance regime, (iii) Glenmorvern Access – ongoing, DW to email AB, (iv) Hydroplan – ongoing, (iv) NLCA still intending one beach clean at Onich Bay (June), North Ballachulish (April) – contact MOWI Loch Leven for Assistance (IJ)
  5. Treasurer’s Statement: £1230.41
  6. Correspondence: (i) BEAR – Gollanfield completed, Stage 2 continuing, (ii) Insurance to Zurich due £86, (iii) HC consultation re Parking Charges  – ask for clarification on locations within NL where this might apply (IJ)
  7. AOB: (i) RBS attempted to close ASLCC account – need to have a meeting AMC to liase with other CCs, (ii) BPPG having AGM on 11th March – AMC to attend, (iii) NLCC to reimburse NLCA for drystone walling course using HC funds allotted for Creag Mhor, (iv) A82 works – some signs advise a closure and other advise amnesties: additional comments to TS response re inconsistency, (v) new owners at Onich Hotel – AMC to contact re beach clean (date TBC), SSSI status and participation (vi) KS raised concerns from Inchree residents about building rubble on banks of Righ near new development: to contact SEPA, (vii) CC advises HC Blair Allan has returned to full-time work, (viii) AMC raised possibility of community commemoration event for Rev. David Railton (Tomb of Unknown Soldier creator) in October – IJ to raise at NLCA meeting.
  8. Meeting closes:  8.53pm
  9. Next meeting date: Thursday 2nd April


  1. IJ to adjust TS response as detailed above
  2. DW to email AB re Highland Access Forum
  3. CC to continue pursuit of Hydroplan re Inchree Hydro scheme and community payback
  4. IJ to seek clarification from HC re traffic order/parking charges (ASAP)
  5. AMC to contact Onich Hotel owners re beach clean/ceilidh (date TBC), SSSI status and participation
  6. KS to contact SEPA re above
  7. Railton commemoration to be raised at NLCA meeting