Minutes Thursday 2nd April 2020

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Karl Spierling, Colin Campbell, Nicola Mair
  2. Apologies:, Andrew Baxter
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  AMC proposed, DW seconded
  4. Matters Arising: (i) AMC finalised RBS documentation with IJ/LG signatures (ONGOING), (ii) awaiting TS response to concerns over remaining defects, and gulley maintenance regime (ONGOING), (iii) Glenmorvern Access (ONGOING), (iv) Hydroplan (ONGOING (iv) NLCA still intending one beach clean at Onich Bay (June), North Ballachulish (April) – contact MOWI Loch Leven for Assistance (IJ) – POSTPONED INDEFINITELY DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS
  5. Treasurer’s Statement: £1230.41
  6. Correspondence: emails – HC Guidance on CC Meetings and Community Resilience Guide, including resilience pack developed by Ballachulish CC.
  7. Agenda Items:
    1. Community resilience actions: AMC applying for all available resilience funds – developing situation – and collate information regarding vulnerable residents observing GDPR; IJ coordinating NL Resilience Group – support line 01855 604246 established with volunteer mobile phone network; 30+ volunteers within community for assistance with shopping, collecting prescriptions, etc. at this time; dedicated email address for communications and evidence storage established.
    1. Planning Applications: Objection comment to be raised by IJ re new entrance proposal at Tigh an achaidh, Onich on grounds of public road safety and encroachment of private septic system of nearest neighbour; Objection comment to be raised by DW re planning application for house and new road access opposite Greenbank at N. Ballachulish on gounds of public road safety, sewerage provision, NLCC submission to HWDP (2015) regarding NSA and open countryside; AMC to submit comments re Lodge on the Loch Café and Chalet proposal regarding sewerage capacity.
  9. Meeting closes:  8.41pm
  10. Next meeting date: Thursday 7th May


  1. AMC to apply for community resilience funds and collate vulnerable residents information observing GDPR
  2. IJ to monitor and continue coordinating NL Resilience Group
  3. IJ to write objection comment re Tigh an achaidh
  4. DW to write objection comment re application opposite Greenbank
  5. AMC to raise concerns over public sewerage capacity re application at Lodge on the Loch