Flower and Produce Show schedule – SUNDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2018

Nether Lochaber Village Hall

Doors open 1pm – Prize giving approx 2.00pm

SECTION I – Home baking 1st – Onich Hotel Cup
2nd Lodge on the Loch Cup plus Show-Stopper Trophy
1. Brown or White Loaf with yeast – NO BREAD MACHINE TO BE USED
2. 4 x Empire Biscuits
3. 4 x Pancakes
4. Lemon Drizzel cake
5. 4 x Fruit Scones (any fruit)
6. Clootie Dumpling
7. 4 x Sausage Rolls
8. 1 x Carrot Cake
9. 1 x Meatloaf
10. 4 x pieces Shortbread
11. 4 x Cupcakes – decorated
12. 4 x Flapjacks
13. Quiche – choice of any type
14. Chocolate Sponge – (Raspberry jam filling only- NO decoration)
15. Show-Stopper- Celebration cake filled and decorated
Each item to be on paper plates
with labels stapled on and wrapped in cling film
SECTION II – Produce
1st – MacKintosh Corran Cup
NOTE -ALL jams must be Wax covered – NO METAL LIDS
ALL jams must be filled to the neck of the jar
and can be any size
1. Blackcurrant Jam
2. Wild-card jam – fruit of your choice
3. Fruit Curd – your choice
4. Marmalade
5. Chutney
6. 6 Hens eggs
7. 6 pieces Tablet
8. Homemade alcoholic drink ie Beer/Wine
9. Pea & Ham soup
SECTION III – Knitting
1st – Corran Bar Trophy (ALL ITEMS NEW TO SHOW)
1. A knitted baby item – your choice
2. Pram Cover
3. Item of crochet
4. Tea Cosy
5. Hand Knitted toy

SECTION IV – Handicraft
1st – Camus Na Gaul Cup
1. Article in Embroidery
2. Cushion Cover – any material
3. Item of Hand Made Jewellery
4. Colored photograph – ‘A GATE’ – NOT MOUNTED
5. Painted picture – any subject using any medium
6. Pencil or charcoal drawing – any subject
7. Article made using recycled materials or up cycled
8. A coloured MANDALA – printed or hand-drawn
9. Hand Tied Fishing Fly
10. Article in Wood

SECTION V – Floral Decoration
1st – Marjorie Summers Trophy
1. Harvest display including fruit/berry/foliage
2. Dinner table centerpiece – fresh flowers
3. Arrangement “From the woodland”
(with fresh flowers included)
1st – Gleaner Oil Cup 2nd – Old Manse Trophy
1 4 stems Floribunda Roses 2 1 x Gladioli
3 4 x Sweet Peas 4 4 x Pansies
5 4 Mixed Stems (Annuals) 6 4 Mixed Stems (Perennials)
7 4 x marigold 8 2 x Decorative Dahlia
9 4 x stems Hydrangea 10 1 Flowering INDOOR Pot plant
11 1 x Flowering OUT DOOR pot plant
12 Foliage pot plant 13 Hanging Basket – any size
16 Cacti/Succulent
4 x Marigold 15
Home-made Compost

SECTION VII – Garden Produce
1st – Old School Cup
1. 2 x Swedes 2. 2 x Turnips
3. 1 Cabbage 4. 6 Pea Pods
5. 3 Carrots 6. 2 x Leeks
7. 4 White Potatoes 8. 4 Colored Potatoes
9. 1 Lettuce (Any variety) 10. 2 Onions
11. 3 x Tomatoes 12. 3 x Cherry Tomatoes (RED)
13. Bunch of Parsley 14. 3 x stalks of Rhubarb
15. 1 x Pepper (Any variety) 16. 1 x Marrow
17. 2 x Beetroot (any shape) 18. 4 Spring Onions (1 variety)
19. 4 x Runner Beans 20. 4 x Broad Beans
21. 1 x Cauliflower 22. Bouquet of Herbs – 5 varieties
23. Collection of Mixed vegetables – 5 varieties
24. Collection of Greenhouse Grown fruits/vegs (can be both)– 5 varieties
Please only use container size 18”x12”x6” for class 23 & 24

SECTION VIII – Children’s section
Group 1 – pre school – Group 2 – P1-P3 Group 3 – P4 – P7
1. Decorated a hard boiled egg
2. Shell-craft item
3. 4 x crispy cakes
4. A4 size picture of a MANDALA – bright colours any design
(can be printed and coloured in or hand drawn and coloured in)
Children section – note age on entry.
Front Cover – A4 portrait size show front page design for 2019 – VERY BRIGHT COLOURS PLEASE (FELT PENS)

Minutes – 7th July 2018

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM) Stewart Livingston (SL)
Apologies –Jennifer Jarl (JJ), Lisa Glaze Cllr Andrew Baxter
Also – Kate Ward, Linda MacLachlan

Minutes from June meeting – proposed by CC seconded by IJ

NLVH BUSINESS – Kate Ward present to hand over cheque to NLVH following the folding up of the Nether Lochaber Country Dancers bank account and club. Donation cheque was for £464.60 passed to AM for banking. Many thanks for this donation.

COMMUNITY PAYBACK – NM has been in contact and they would be able to help out with cutting shrubs at hall and possibly to erect notice boards but would ask us toe make up a list – IJ interested – NM to pass contact number to IJ/AM

KATE FORBES – no reply – IJ to contact again and copy in press/BBC – IJ

Highland Council- request for bus timetable to be erected at Cuilchenna – also chase up new bus stop at Old Town – AM

NLCA NEXT DATE ; next project is tidy up at picnic site -08/07/18

Loch Leven Pods – Through planning. IJ has been in contact with press to provide more information.

Cycle way bridge – Inchree- in for planning

FC response – no reply as yet


New Hospital visit – We had been due to have a rep from the working group attend and update us but due to resignation at NHS we have delayed this meeting. Request that a public meeting be held – AM TO CONTACT

DEFIB SIGNS – NM has delivered the signs. To be fixed up near the phone box. She has also noted the id ref number from the defib which are needed by Ambulance. AM to get quote for insuring defib.

TREASURER REPORT – £1164.42 – with 1 x cheque to clear for £65.39
Discussion re donations which we regularly do. Agreement that 2 x groups will receive money and on receipt of grant we will give the other 2 x groups their money. AM to deal.

Inchree – ongoing

Website – new/upgraded website is now active. NLCA will have a page also. IJ suggested having an archive section old photos and history items. This is following the success of the Memories weekend.

HYDRO PLAN INCHREE – no update – waiting got contact from FC – IJ/CC TO DEAL.

SCHOOL HEAD RETIRES– Susan Kemp has retired from St Brides, there is to be a School Cluster meeting on 4th Sept @ 730pm (where?)

BT WORKS – IJ has a letter from BT re fiber optic works onging through village. Letter has been stuffed under door at hall. This is to be followed up. AM to get letter and follow up.

Poo Bin @ Cuilchenna – there has been an issue with the overflowing poo bin at Cuilchenna . Appears to have been resolved with new bin and double collection but overflow is refuse and not poo bags so why are people using it.

SL – Old Cemetery – has been in touch with Highland council re asset transfer

Kate Ward – complaint re ‘new’ Old Town sign and the stress it is causing at this location. AM to contact Bear Manager and Copy in A82 partnership

Linda MacLachlan – Coronation trees – Linda states the trees need attention.. Nlcc have marker signs which need installed also. She was also concerned re the amount of water which still runs from the back of Quaryside lorries heading south.

1. IJ – Show schedule – to go on website
2. IJ – Website – some proposed changes to incorporate NLCA which Niall Blair will work on.
3. GPS APP – 3 words – this is an app which allocates 3 words to any GPS point anywher3e in the world with no two alike. Would be useful to emergency services. Can it be installed on website?
4. Sewage – Discussion re sewage outflows which are still going into Loch Leven as outflows from Dunbeg to Kinlochleven and from Upper Carnoch Glencoe and Invercoe areas exit to loch so water still effected but pollutants which was the main reason for the expansion at the bridge.

Meeting closed .



Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Dave Wrigglesworth, Nicola Mair, Jennifer Jarl, Lisa
Glaze (minute sec),
Apologies Ann Marie Cameron, Stewart Livingston, Andrew Baxter
Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded NM
Matters Arising
NM to contact Community Payback Team to see if they would be able to
The project will continue later in the year when everyone has more time. Looking
for community volunteers.
Participation Request
IJ is awaiting a reply from Kate Forbes
Community Association
The formal opening of the picnic site was well attended.
Next activity day is Sunday 10 June- Cuilcheanna bus stop and memorial cross
Will be coming up at planning next week.
Shiel buses have the emergency contract to the end of August. 90% of services will
continue. The penultimate night bus and 44 service between 16.10 and 18.40 will not be
running. The tender for the new contract is out in July and will start in September.
IJ to send temporary timetable to website
Inchree Bridge and Cycleway
Bear has put in a planning application for the cycle track bridge
IJ to speak to SUSTRANS about camber on Ballachulish Bridge
Dangerous overhanging vegetation, loose gravel and dangerous parking are all issues.
NM suggested phoning 101 to report. It may be possible to continue the green line
around the Bayside corner.
JJ to photograph vehicles parking half on cycleway at the dangerous corner at
Composting Toilets
Ben Starkey has now installed toilets.
FC have not yet replied.
£1,167.42 in bank
1. A Rep will attend the meeting in July to discuss the new hospital
2. NM to collect new defibrillator signs
3. To comply with new data protection rules anyone named in minutes must be aware
and have given permission
4. AMC to draft a letter from Cc to all residents with vegetation overhanging the
cycleway asking them to cut it back as it is extremely hazardous to the public
5. JJ to speak to the Grazings clerk for permission to cut the grass at the cafe
6. 500 police officer s are to be trained in the use of tasers in the Highlands. IJ asked
NM To enquire over funding in light of funds being unavailable for an A82
investigation team. LG enquired as to whether officers attending the MTB World Cup
at Nevis Range were armed.
7. Fence at Bal Ur playpark has collapsed. NM has approached HC with no result. IJ
suggested sending a photo to the council and Lochaber Times.
8. Hydroplan has been investigating hydro power generation in Glen Righ. We have
not been notified of this, the developer may be prepared to come along and speak to
us. The F.C. will receive rent and the community would be eligible for 5% community
payback. If, at a later date, there is a community buyout of Inchree forest this would
include the rental revenue.
9. AMC to report fly tipping at Inchree bus shelter
10. There is a Highland Council consultation about communities taking over grass
cutting etc.
11. The headteacher at St Brides has announced her retirement. There is a meeting at
the school about future school management.
12. Inchree Forum: a suggestion to approach the Lochaber Housing Association for a
trial site to create allotments as a start was agreed. IJ to notify the steering group.
Meeting closed at 9pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 5 July 2018 7pm
VILLAGE HALL meeting 6.30pm