Draft Minutes -Meeting 6th February 2020

NLCC Minutes, Thursday 6th February 2020

  1. Present   Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Karl Spierling, Dave Wrigglesworth, Andrew Baxter, Colin Campbell
  • Apologies

Lisa Glaze

  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  proposed CC, seconded AMC
  • Matters Arising
  • (i) AMC has visited RBS – has instructions + pdf download for updating account signatories,
  • (ii) IJ has had a response from Transport Scotland (appended) – to respond identifying lack of speed reduction signs, and to question whether 40mph is appropriate if the carriageway is not fit for purpose,
  • (iii) DW still waiting for a response from HC Access Officer – AB to refer Glenmorven issue on to HC Access Forum,
  • (iv) CC – ongoing attempt to find out about Hydroplan (Inchree) Community Payback
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £1144.41
  • Correspondence:  
  • (i) TS response (above);
  • (ii) SUSTRANS (Lucy Clarke) – NCN78 to be swept by BEAR in March 2020;
  • (iii) Ballachulish Patient/Practitioners Group to take over ongoing maintenance of three area community defibrillators;
  • (iv) BEAR to undertake resurfacing at Oak Cottage (11th/12th Feb), B863 to north of Creag Mhor (8th – 16th March), North/South Ballachulish Bridge (17th – 23rd March).
  • AOB:
  • (i) Old boathouse foundations in Onich Bay damaged by storm tide – debris inside needs to be extracted to a skip; neighbouring landowner Kevin Barry is offering to assist removal (DW), NLCA has already planned to extract this as an activity, and HC can provide a skip.
  • (ii) (DW) Onich Bay access ramp to shore has been undercut by storm tides – is this Onich Common Grazings responsibility/property?
  • (iii) (DW) Culvert exposed midway between ramp and Onich Hotel – 4/5 feet deep, full of seaweed.
  • (iv) (CC) Access issues to Achnalea due to (twice daily) parking congestion at St. Brides School.
  • Meeting closes:  8.26pm.
  • Next meeting date: Thursday 5th March, 2020.


  1. IJ to respond to TS to question whether 40mph appropriate given the carriageway consistently being unfit for purpose.
  2. AB to forward Glenmorvern issues to HC Access Forum.
  3. CC to continue pursuing a response from Hydroplan.
  4. DW to monitor state of Onich Bay for storm damage, and investigate ownership/responsibilities.

Minutes of meeting 9th January

NLCC Minutes, Thursday 9th January 2020 (Adopted on 06/02/20)

  1. Present

Dave Wrigglesworth, Lisa Glaze, Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Ann Marie Cameron

  • Apologies

Andrew Baxter

  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  proposed CC, seconded AMC – amendment re HC Standing Orders, Youth CC Members
  • Matters Arising:  (i) LG difficulty updating bank account signatories – advised to amend online, but no facility available for CC account ­– AMC will visit RBS (Monday 13th). (ii) IJ waiting on response from Emma Taylor re HC Ward Discretionary Fund – IJ to follow up.
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £1228.41 in bank
  • Correspondence:  BEAR are to sweep cycleway pre-tourist season – one-off funding from SUSTRANS. There will be a future discussion over sweeping responsibilities (BEAR, HC, SUSTRANS) – date tbc.
  • New HC Standing Orders (CC youth members, associate membership, Vice-Chair): CC supportive of youth member as 7th member – AMC to write FB post to encourage a NL resident to come forward. Associate Membership to be dealt with as it arises. DW elected Vice-chair (proposed IJ, seconded LG)
  • Oak Cottage corner – cars leaving A82/ Cable drums in burn by Old Schoolhouse – flooding A82:  – IJ to write re general surface/maintenance history to Transport Minister cc MSP, MP, HC Councillors, BEAR, Lochaber Times, P&J – detailing 2010 resurfacing concerns, vehicle numbers leaving the carriageway, proliferation of potholes, subsidence along road edge, history of poor repairs to culverts, flooding, lack of checking drainage to pre-empt flooding
  • AOB: (i) (AMC) Pod at Creag Mhor boathouse, concern with access and flooding adjacent to access on A82 – AMC to write to Planning Officer expressing concern. (ii) (DW) Glenmorvern Pier access and shoreline access – DW to ask for update from HC Access Officer. (iii) (AMC) Hydroplan scheme at Inchree – CC to request detail of community payback. (iv) (CC) vigilance needed over field gates to prevent roaming cattle.
  1. Meeting closes:  8.30pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 6th February 2020


Item 4. – AMC will visit RBS

Item 7. – AMC to write FB post to encourage a NL resident to come forward

Item 8. – IJ to write to Transport Minister et al

Item 9. – (i) AMC to write to Planning Officer expressing concern

    (ii) DW to ask for update from HC Access Officer

    (iii) CC to request detail of community payback

Minutes of Inaugural Meeting Thursday 5th December, 2019.


Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Colin Campbell, Dave Wrigglesworth, Nicola Mair, Cllr. Andrew Baxter, Neil Johnston.


Karl Spierling, Cllr. Niall Maclean

Introduction by Inaugural Chair, Cllr. Andrew Baxter

  1. Appointment of Office Bearers

Chair: LG proposed AMC, seconded IJ

Secretary: LG proposed IJ, seconded DW

Treasurer: AMC proposed LG, seconded CC

  • Adoption of Standing Orders

AB detailed the following changes:-

  • Associate Membership can now be granted to key groups/individuals outwith the CC area (to be an agenda item for next meeting)
  • CC meetings to be held first Thursday of every month at 7pm in NL Village Hall, excluding August (recess) and January 2020 (second Thursday)

AB handed over to AMC

Minutes of last meeting: proposed IJ, seconded CC

Treasurer’s Statement: £1228.41 in bank, interim financial statement provided

  • AMC bought new pads for community defib at Onich Café – to be reimbursed – it should be noted Lawson Taylor has taken over monitoring this

HC Ward Discretionary Fund:  IJ to apply to Emma Taylor (HC)

Retrospective Planning Application, Old Town (NJ): NJ outlined his position regarding previous issues raised, and was satisfied by NLCC explanation of their position –  it should be noted AB provided advice on planning processes only

Picnic Site Bin:  issue seems to be resolved – no recent overspill

999 Call Delays: no response aS yet from Police Scotland

Gorge Path (Glenshellach): drains adjacent to the path have been blocked, exacerbating the problem, and drains at A82 junction are full of gravel

AMC to contact BEAR about roadside drains

Onich Hotel Pods:  drainage pipe to shore seems to be from a stream crossing the property – checked by HC Planning Officers and AB has spoken with owners

Old Town Sign: no response from BEAR Scotland


  1. NM – posters have been removed from the new noticeboard at school – gravel path to be put underneath, and IJ + SL to remove old noticeboard
  2. NL Community Association update: (i) Forest and Land Scotland are offering old Inchree barn to community for almost nothing + 0.5 costs of valuation process and NL own legal fees. Community Asset Transfer application now only for other building (Vertical Descents) and forestry block. (ii) Another ‘Open Weekend’ to be held 25th/26th January 2020 updating community on progress/events/plans, AGM to be held at end. (iii) public artwork opportunity at Creag Mhor, and dry stone walling course to be held at end of February to rebuild missing wall – remainder of HC funds for rebuilding to be paid toward Instructor fee of £650. SUSTRANS being approached for Artroots Fund grant. (iv) Winter Ceilidh to be held on Saturday 28th December.
  3. Cycle bridge at Inchree has been completed – cyclepath between Old Stores and Keppanach is cracking badly from subsidence.

IJ to contact SUSTRANS

Meeting Closed at 8.10pm

Next Meeting: Thursday 9th January 2020 at 7pm.

Minutes- 5th September 2019

Present  Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Dave Wrigglesworth,  Karl Spierling , Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also , Nicola Mair, Isobel Logan, Morag MacIntyre Andrew Baxter(late)

Apologies   AnnMarie Cameron, Stewart Livingston

Minutes of last meeting be accepted  proposed CC  Seconded KS

Treasurers Statement

£1228.41 in bank

Matters Arising


Base has been cemented in

IJ and SL to finish


Successful and well attended, well done to AnnMarie and team


 Submissions 24/9-8/10. Nomination papers available on HC website . Election 20 November. First meeting of the new council to be held in December or January.

LG notice on CA FB

AM on CC website


DW to put up posters


AM has applied to the Ward discretionary fund for £200 for minute Secretary, notices and laminating equipment.


Retrospective planning has been applied for for a timber short term letting property in Old Town. Objections have been raised by neighbours whose property is overlooked by the development. Kate Forbes had been approached to take it up with planning and now nearest neighbour notices have been issued for retrospective planning.

Following discussion of what would be an acceptable outcome

DW to write letter of objection on behalf of the neighbours and make a late submission

AMC to inform the Planning Officer

IJ to contact the grazings clerk


Emptying of bin to be monitored




  1.  CC had experienced a delay when making a 999 call and has taken it up with Cllr Andrew Baxter.
  2. DW asked CC if it was possible to move the cow feeders on the gorge road as the path was becoming impassable with slurry.
  3. NM informed the council that the police are receiving training in the use of mobile devices
  4. Concern was raised over drainage onto the beach from the pods at the Onich hotel AB to contact Planning Officer
  5. Another car has come off the road at Ash Cottage IJ to add to communication with Transport Scotland. NM to enquire about unmarked car presence in village.
  6. Old Town sign is causing problems for visitors calling late at night and unable to find the road

Meeting closed at 9pm

Date of next meeting   Thursday 5 December 7pm (or 9 January if there is an election)

Minutes of a Meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Association held on 17 October 2019

Present Iain Jenner Elaine Cameron (Inch) Jill Morrow Lisa Glaze
Apologies jennifer Jarl Gordon MacIntyre
The Midgies are booked for Saturday 28 December
Tickets £6
100 to be sold in advance
Bring a plate of food to share and BYOB
NS minibus?
Invitation to go out to young folk
IJ to speak to Alex MacMahon
LG – Lyn
LG Ask JJ to make tickets and poster for beginning of December . One
person to deal with sales

There is an extra meeting to be held on 24/10/19

October the rose bed at St Brides was finished and is ready for spring bulbs.
We then went along to the Creag Mhor cemetery to discuss plans
November meet at Cuilcheanna cross, tidy and plant daffodils. Install new
tub at Onich sign
December Hall car park, ceilidh prep
January ceilidh tidy up 29 December
February rebuild cemetery wall IJ to contact Pete Holmes

Dot Ferguson has been informed we wish to proceed with community
East bay has trees and telephone mast
West bay more open and suited to a bench
The shrubbery at the back could be enhanced and also have a bench
SUSTRANS have an arts fund >£5000 per project. LG had approachedHelen
Michie a local ceramicist about a mosaic subject to be Nether Lochaber man/
place, croftlands and sea.
LGto arrange for Helen to come for a site visit

We will require public liability. Dot Ferguson suggest we approach Zurich.
IJ to ask GM to organise

LG to buy more bulbs and another rose. Volunteer s needed for the rosebed
and new tub

IJto write to the minister asking to be notified if they are proposing to dispose
of the building


23 September
Publication of Notice of Election
24 September
Earliest date for receipt of Nomination Papers
8 October
Latest date for lodging Nomination Papers – papers must be received by 12noon
9 October
Publication by 12noon on THC website of list of nominations and notices of: contested election; uncontested election and CC not formed
11 October
Latest date for withdrawal of Nomination Papers – notification in writing must be given by 12noon.
At the close of the withdrawal period, should the number of candidates validly nominated equal or exceed HALF, but be less than or equal to the total maximum permitted membership, the said candidates will be declared elected from this date and no ballot shall be held.
Monday 14 October –
Friday 25 October
School Holidays
29 October
Post out of ballot papers, where election is contested
19 November
Existing Community Councils that were contested to be dissolved at 11.59 pm
ELECTION DAY – postal ballot papers must be received by 12 noon.
Thursday / Friday
21 & 22 November
Counting of the Votes, if the number of elections permits the counts to be held over 2 days.
By Friday
13 December
Notification issued regarding the calling of the first meetings of the new Community Councils
*Further dates to be confirmed for any Community Council’s that fail to form.

Minutes of AGM and meeting 04/07/19 – adopted 05/09/19

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ),  Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM)  , Karl Spierling (KS)

Apologies –Lisa Glaze Stewart Livingston (SL) Cllr Andrew Baxter Dave Wrigglesworth (DW)  

Also present- Mr & Mrs Morrow, Mrs Elaine Cameron,  Nicola Mair and Chaela Carrell

Meeting opened with annual AGM.

Chair Report –  IJ thanks all present and felt this year has been a successful one.  The creation of the Association and the works carried out has been a real positive link within the village, and the NLCA has over 50 members and a strong committee.  Notable progress being made with plans to buy the land at Inchree.

Fewer meetings due to not being able to have a quorum.  As elections will be due it is hoped we can encourage locals to become involved in NLCC.

We are still pressing forward re road safety (speed limits and maintenance) and maintain support of our scenic area.

We put submissions in to the Highland & Island Development plans along with the other ccs in South Lochaber but all appear to have been sidelined.

Negatives are the apathy received from planning and transport authorities.

Treasurer report;  given by CC.  Financial report given and explained.  Due to loss of grant amount we were only able to offer donations to 3 local groups but will not be able to offer anything further.  Report was proposed for adoption by IJ and seconded by AM, all agreed

IJ then asked for all office bearers to stand down and proposed all be re-elected to office – all agreed

Chair – Iain Jenner

Secretary – Ann Marie Cameron

Treasurer – Colin Campbell

As Stewart Livingston was not present he was not reinstated to Vice-Chair but will be asked at next meeting.

AGM closed 740pm

June minutes – proposed by CC and 2nd by KS


Old Cemetery – Awaiting update when SL back

Schools options-  2 part campus has been set – awaiting news of who head teacher will be but concerns over PSA posts.

Bus Timetable – Oban/Fw –  AM to as for updated timetables to be situated


Bin at Cuilchenna junction –   reply from HC refuse dept –  restricted lid not suitable as they have found bags and refuse are just left at the base.  They will say POO ONLY

WEB SITE BILL – invoice from GRAPL,  AM will deal and was given a cheque

Noticeboards – need replacing.  IJ and SL have made 1 and hope to make the rest.  CC to gather prices so AM can submit an application for grant from HC.  KS offered workshop space if needed.

FLOWER SHOW ;  will be held in September, AM will be in touch nearer the time for some help to get tables over and for setting up.

Meeting closed .


minutes – 6th June 2019 (adopted 04/07/19)

6th June 2019
Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Karl Spierling (KS)
Apologies –Lisa Glaze Stewart Livingston (SL) Cllr Andrew Baxter
Also present- Gordon MacIntyre Nicola Mair

Although NLCC have attempted to hold meetings in April and May, due to apologies a quorum was not in attendance at either meeting so minutes for April meeting were not adopted until this meeting

April minutes – proposed by CC and 2nd by AM

Old Cemetery – HC are prepared to transfer ownership to NLCA – this requires a change in constitution of NLCA – meeting has been arranged to discuss and hopefully adopt these changes.

Schools options- Agreement has now been reached for the 2+2 option. Next step will be appointing head teacher following Mrs MacDonald retirement and then classes will find out who their teacher is.

Bus Timetable – Oban/Fw – the timetables shown in bus shelter at Kinlochleven road end are wrong. Gordon had to stand for some time till the correct bus arrived. AM to as for updated timetables to be situated

Woodlands new build- no further info but septic tank may be needed.

CO-OPT NEW MEMBER – as we have a quorum IJ asked members to consider the adoption of KARL SPIERLING as a community councillor. Although elections will be held later in the year, following the resignations of both Nicola Mair and Jennifer Jarl, we need another face to keep us strong. SL due to work commitments offshore has to miss some meeting which is out of his hands. All Comm Cllrs present – DW-CC-AM – agreed unanimously for KS to join us and AM will update Highland Council and the website.

AGM – Am advises the financial paperwork is being audited and we will hold the AGM on Thursday 4th July – AM will put this in FB and contact press.

Elections – IJ gave a short presentation on the importance of NL maintaining it’s community council and feels that we need to have more parents involved, although we need 5 members to be solvent our max. Is 7. Proposing at next meeting – HOW TO PROMOTE NLCC MEMBERSHIP

Transport Scotland reply – DW has had reply re speed laminations and state of cycle path. Luminated signs rejected – not enough serious accidents from stats they use. Re cyclepath they (Bear) state they are not responsible for upkeep and we should pass to Highland Council BUT we are aware of paperwork stating that BEAR are responsible. NLCC to get copy of this information to pass on.

Bin at Cuilchenna junction – we are back to the issue of this bin overflowing and causing distress to residents. The bin was erected following representation about the amount of dog poo being left on the route to the shore and surrounding area. With the pin in position the problem was sorted. Last year and again this year, we have had complaints from residents as this bin is being used but tourists and when bin full bags are being left at the grass verge.
AM to contact HC Refuse and ask for a restricted lid and AM will make notices informing bin is for POO BAGS ONLY. – AM TO CONTACT REFUSE DEPT

CC review – Is ongoing

A82 Gollanfield junction – CC concerned re road surfacing – breaking up again

Onich Hotel – Am has been asked to raise concern re soil stretching to shore line. Concern that this will be washed into the bay at high tide. It appears SNH and Marine Scotland may already be involved as this area is a recognised SSSI.

Meeting closed .

NEXT MEETING – THURSDAY 4th July with agm

Minutes of a meeting held on 7 March 2019 – adopted 06/06/19

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Ann Marie Cameron, Dave Wrigglesworth, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Nicola Mair, Andrew Baxter and Andy Martin (Manager of MOWI Leven Site)

Apologies Stewart Livingston ,

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed AMC Seconded DW

Matters Arising

Creag Mhòr cemetery
Dot Ferguson has confirmed HC own the cemetery.
IJ to contact SL to set up a meeting with her

Schools Reorganisation
Meeting rescheduled 13/3/19 7.30pm Kinlochleven HS
IJ to attend

Beach Clean
Rubbish not yet collected. HC will pick up hall piano if broken up

Water tank
IJ to send letter expressing community interest copies to AMC and GM

Cross cottage
IJ to send AB planning ref. number

Bus Timetables
IJ to buy picture frame for wall of Cuilcheanna bus stop

Sewage Connection
The date notified is 15 March. There will be a half road closure.

As yet HC has no Brexit policy

A82 photos
AMC to send to SL to coordinate
McIntyre Memorial Hut
The trustee has notified a problem with running water off the road undermining the building. The problem appeared when streams were diverted to build the new house at Creag Mhor. He has contacted SEPA, Transport Scotland and MSP.
IJ suggested he contact Lochaber Times and the P&J

Car parking at school
AB is to organise a site visit


1. Loch Leven Seafood Cafe has applied for a variation in their license to include changes to hours, capacity and off sales.

Cycle Bridge
Planning has gone through
IJ to speak to SUSTRANS
AB to arrange letter from HC stating sweeping of Cycleway is BEARS responsibility

1. Gollanfield road end is breaking up again after repair in November
2. Inchree Buyout Group is to hold an open day on the last Sunday in April after which IJ will notify HC and there will be an official ballot
3. Marine Harvest have changed their name to MOWI. Andy Martin (Manager of Leven site) attended to give an update. They have been using warm water, wrasse and lumpfish to keep the lice down to .5 per fish. They are hoping to go organic next year. He was asked about the underwater seal scared which is heard by wild swimmers in the Loch.
4. Abbeyfield AGM was held on 5/3/19. There was concern at the lack of notice to councillors and community councils
5. Calor Rural Community Fund is open. AMC to forward details to LG

Meeting closed at 8.15pm
Date of next meeting Thursday 4 April 7pm

Village Hall meeting 6.30

Minutes of meeting 10th January 2019

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 10 January 2019
Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Jennifer Jarl, Ann Marie Cameron, Dave Wrigglesworth, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),
Also Nicola Mair, Andrew Baxter
Apologies Stewart Livingston , Stewart Livingston, Cllr McLean
Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded AMC
Matters Arising
Creag Mhòr cemetery
Search fee has been paid
CC Review
The changes proposed at the review to be sent to HC on 17/1
Speed Limits
The speed limit at North Ballachulish is to drop to 30mph subject to approval at Area Committee meeting on 24/1
AB to ask Pauline Donaldson about costing gateway signage
Schools Reorganisation
There is a meeting at St Brides PS 16/1 AMC available to attend
Beach Clean
CC to remove rubbish from beach and email AMC to inform HC
A new officer has been appointed to Glencoe
Sgt A Cooper has sent a letter to confirm NM as liaison officer and explaining her role. There is now a CC vacancy as NM has stepped down due to conflict with liaison role.
Water tank
IJ to send letter expressing community interest
Cross cottage
IJ sent letter of objections on 29/10/18
Forestry Commission
Still no reply about fly tipping at Inchree
Barn beside sewage works
IJ to contact S MacMillan as site has not been cleared
£1040.50 with £24 cheque outstanding
1. Cycle path Harvey Caplan has replied. BEAR to deal with overgrown vegetation. Their operating companies should clear debris from collisions if informed by police. He believes HC responsible for sweeping (wrongly)
AB to take the reply to HC
2. Cllr McLean has asked for opinions on a bridge at Corran:
-Large bridge to cope with shipping and cruise ships
-Tunnel would be less intrusive
-AB has council approval for a STAG appraisal by Hi Trans for a fixed link crossing
-Barrage idea producing power from the tidal flow
-Tunnel or bridge to be sited at Fort William, not Corran
-Community buyout of ferry
LG to copy list to AMC for reply
3. AMC to contact HC again, bus timetables required for Cuilcheanna and defibrillator sign for shoreside bus shelter
1. ‘Scare’ children in use in other villages. To be discussed next month
2. High tides have scoured under concrete at Onich Bay
IIJ to take to CA
3. Sustrans liability for Cycleway only 99 years
4. SL has passed on the information from M Kinnear
AB to chase
5. Fort William 2040 meeting in Ballachulish. It was felt that planners had edited submissions including a tunnel at Rannoch. Consensus that transport needs to be prioritised before development. Water supply was also raised.
Meeting closed at 8.40pm
Date of next meeting Thursday 7 February 7pm
Village Hall meeting 6.30