NLCC Minutes, 1930, Thursday 3rd March, 2022

Digital Meeting (Zoom)

  1. Present: Iain Jenner, Marie MacLachlan (MML), Ann Marie Cameron, Karl Spierling, Marilyn MacDonald (MMD)
  2. Apologies: Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  Proposed KS Seconded MML
  4. Treasurer’s Report: £5495.52 including £1500 from CR Foster & Partners (Glen Righ Hydro)
  5. Matters Arising
    1. Noticeboards still progressing – Karl has nearly finished
    1. Website still progressing – GRAPL very busy
    1. Glyphosphate still on agenda for Lochaber Alliance of CCs – likely to be banned in UK -ongoing
    1. AMC attending Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting – Wednesday 9th March, 10a.m.
    1. North Ballachulish signage – ongoing
    1. AMC: Innis na Bhirlinn to have dedicated page on website – ongoing
    1. DW had response from HC Dot Ferguson re GDPR at CCs – will circulate and prepare simple framework for compliance: IJ still pursuing GRAPL for website completion & compliance – ongoing – Dot will seek advice from colleagues re enabling CCs with guidance
    1. KS – what is status of legislation re wirelessly connected fire alarms now? Law as of 1st February now extended due to shortage of devices.
    1. Still no warning signs for play park at Bail’ur – IJ has raised with HC Andrew Baxter
    1. DW compiled letter re concern over new lights at Onich Hotel carpark
  6. Correspondence:
    1. Letter of concern re lights at Onich Hotel from D.Michie – copied in to Environmental Health Officer comments about repositioning lights
    1. SSE keen to progress with environmental project support – what could they do in regard to squirrels and replanting native trees where clear-felling has been?
    1. CFR Hydro contact, David Coulthard have been in contact re community payback for Glen Righ hydro – likely to be small annual amount
  • AOB:
    • MML concerned about dog-fouling at Bishop’s Bay – going to approach HC Env. Health Officer
    • MMD raises concern about speeding on Cuilcheanna Road – IJ has asked HC Andrew Baxter to investigate ‘pedestrian – no pavement’ warning signs or ‘slow pedestrians’ signs
    • IJ asks to set AGM date – AMC indicates 02/06/22
    • KS has inspected Wades Road footbridge – FLS over-reacting having closed bridge and all footpath; MMD points out Glenshellach sign at A82 down – IJ to include in letter re squirrels
  • Meeting ended 08.54pm
  •  Next meeting date: 7th April, 2022, 7.30pm

NL Village Hall/ZOOM (TBC)


  • KS to progress noticeboards- ongoing
    • IJ to progress website with Grapl – specifically raise Data Protection issues discussed -ongoing
    • AMC to attend re-scheduled Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting
    • IJ to write to FLS Visitor Services re Red Squirrel Feeding Station at Inchree – redrafted to consider SSEN proposal, and raise Glenshellach signage and Wades Path closure
    • DW to compile GDPR framework for CC compliance – ongoing
    • IJ to compile Spring newsletter with assistance from other CC members – printing on 07/03/22
    • MML to approach HC Officer re dog-fouling at Bishop’s Bay