NLCC Minutes, 1930, Thursday 7th April, 2022

Digital Meeting (Zoom)

  1. Present: Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Marilyn MacDonald (MMD)
  2. Apologies: Ann Marie Cameron, Marie MacLachlan
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  Proposed DW Seconded MML
  4. Treasurer’s Report: £5995.52.  LG raises concern over remit of CCs – who are not supposed to hold more finances than their expenses; some Covid resilience funding left over + new hydro payback. Options for latter could include –
  5. Creating a common good fund
  6. Distributing the funds by donation to other groups/causes within NL
  7. Pass on the funds to NLCA for distribution to other groups/causes or common good
  8. Matters Arising:
    1. Noticeboards finished – thanks to KS
    1. Website still progressing – GRAPL very busy
    1. AMC attending Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting – Wednesday 9th March, 10a.m. –still to report
    1. North Ballachulish signage – ongoing
    1. AMC: Innis na Bhirlinn to have dedicated page on website – ongoing
    1. DW had response from HC Dot Ferguson re GDPR at CCs – will circulate and prepare simple framework for compliance: IJ still pursuing GRAPL for website completion & compliance – ongoing – Dot will seek advice from colleagues re enabling CCs with guidance
    1. Still no warning signs for play park at Bail’ur – IJ has raised with HC Andrew Baxter, and regarding speed control at Cuilcheanna – ongoing, still to report
    1. DW compiled letter re concern over new lights at Onich Hotel carpark – has received no reply
  9. Correspondence:
    1. Lodge on the Loch application refused
    1. Invitation to create Citizens Panel of resilience groups
    1. Notification of Onich Pods application being consented – still TBC in writing
  • AOB:
    • DW asks whether there has been any progress re lights at Onich Hotel
    • DW raises issue of defib requiring replacement parts – currently obsolete – LG to approach BPPG – also need ID signage – DW will try to locate signage (AMC? NM?); IJ raises that RoamWest have expressed interest in jointly funding a second defib
    • IJ raises points of information re NLCA  – AGM on 10th April
  • Meeting ended 08.26pm
  •  Next meeting date: 5th May, 2022, 7.30pm

NL Village Hall/ZOOM (TBC)


  • IJ to progress website with Grapl – specifically raise Data Protection issues discussed -ongoing
    • AMC to attend re-scheduled Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting
    • IJ to pursue FLS Visitor Services re Red Squirrel Feeding Station at Inchree – redrafted to consider SSEN proposal, and raise Glenshellach signage and Wades Path closure
    • DW to compile GDPR framework for CC compliance – ongoing
    • MML to approach HC Officer re dog-fouling at Bishop’s Bay – ongoing
    • LG to approach BPPG re replacement parts for defib
    • DW to investigate ID signs for defib
    • IJ to discuss additional defib with RoamWest