NLCC Minutes, 1930, Thursday 3rd February, 2022

Digital Meeting (Zoom)

  1. Present: Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Marie MacLachlan (MLM), Ann Marie Cameron, Karl Spierling, Nicola Mair
  2. Apologies:
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  Proposed AMC Seconded DW
  4. Treasurer’s Report: £4229.39
  5. Matters Arising:
    1. Noticeboards still progressing – Karl has nearly finished
    1. Website still progressing – GRAPL very busy
    1. Glyphosphate still on agenda for Lochaber Alliance of CCs – likely to be banned in UK
    1. AMC attended Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting – no other CCs came so postponed – still awaiting date
    1. North Ballachulish signage – ongoing
    1. AMC: Innis na Bhirlinn to have dedicated page on website – ongoing
  6. Correspondence:
    1. Cuildorag Cottage – application for new residential house – no objections raised
    1. SSEN Corran Narrows – update meeting Tuesday 8th February
    1. HC have been in contact to allow CC face-to-face meetings if desirable
    1. CFR Hydro contact, David Coulthard have been in contact re community payback for Glen Righ hydro – likely to be small annual amount
  • Agenda:
    • DW had response from HC Dot Ferguson re GDPR at CCs – will circulate and prepare simple framework for compliance: IJ still pursuing GRAPL for website completion & compliance – ongoing – Dot will seek advice from colleagues re enabling CCs with guidance
    • AMC: Newsletter for New Year 2022? – IJ struggling to complete draft so MLM, LG, DW, AMC will make contributions
    • IJ & MM met FLS Visitor Services re Red Squirrel Feeding Station – ongoing discussion to find new funding from community business – ongoing
    • MLM spoke to Mrs. Fraser at school about supplying hi-viz vests to St. Brides pupils for winter travel – already have them, but little interest shown in enforcing this now
    • MLM has asked residents regarding lighting at Corran Ferry junction – most feel it is safer at night without – concern over speed of vehicles, could we request rumble strips? IJ/DW indicate Corran area likely to be under scrutiny soon re replacement ferry and traffic congestion issues
  • AOB:
    • DW – concern over new lights at Onich Hotel carpark – upgraded to LEDs, excessively bright – complaints of light pollution, negative impacts within residential property, potential road safety hazard – DW to compile letter
    • LG – could DW investigate the fire alarm in the village hall, check if battery needs replaced
    • LG – Colin Campbell keen to find new (replacement) directors for dormant community company – IJ to speak to CC
    • KS – what is status of legislation re wirelessly connected fire alarms now? Law as of 1st February. Very difficult to order devices.
    • NM – unable to continue as police community liason due to work commitments – Inspector Nick Hough intends to appoint a replacement  – still no warning signs for play park at Bail’ur – IJ to raise with HC Officer
  • Meeting ended 08.44pm
  •  Next meeting date: 3rd March, 2022, 7.30pm


  • KS to progress noticeboards
    • IJ to progress website with Grapl – specifically raise Data Protection issues discussed
    • AMC to attend re-scheduled Corran Ferry Steering Group meeting
    • IJ to write to FLS Visitor Services re Red Squirrel Feeding Station at Inchree
    • DW to compile GDPR framework for CC compliance
    • IJ to compile Spring newsletter with assistance from other CC members
    • DW to compile letter re carpark lights at Onich Hotel
    • DW to check village hall fire alarms
    • IJ to discuss dormant community company with Colin Campbell
    • IJ to raise lack of road warning signs for playparks in Nether Lochaber (Bail’ur, Inchree) with HC