Minutes, Thursday 7th May 2020

NLCC Minutes, Thursday 7th May 2020

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Jo Cowan, Colin Campbell, Nicola Mair
  • Apologies:, Andrew Baxter
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  DW proposed, AMC seconded
  • Matters Arising: (i) AMC: RBS signatories – LG ‘live’ and can register for online banking, IJ to be added later; (ii) all previous letters to HC Planning logged onto relevant applications – these deferred by Planning Officers at this time.
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £9228 – HIE & HC resilience funding
  • Correspondence: emails – HIE and SSE notifications of further Covid-19 resilience funding grants being available
  • Agenda Items:
  • Community resilience actions: IJ – Newsletter being printed by Telford (Don Michie) for posting on 8th/9th May; LG – liased with Four Seasons (Susan Heron) to facilitate grocery boxes and afternoon tea + quizzes for delivery to families with school=age children and over 70s respectively; JC – suggesting kids toothpast/brushes be included; Kate Ward preparing letter for Tuesday Club deliveries; NLCC letter of support (prepared by AMC) to go in all deliveries; Village Hall to be prepared 9th/10th May for book/toy exchange, ‘stone garden’ and bunting collection. All deliveries to be coordinated by IJ for week ending 15th May using Support Line volunteers already enlisted.
    • Hand Sanitiser: JC – Five litre pump action supply to be provided at Village Hall with D10 disinfectant spray for book/toy exchange; 30 x 250ml bottles to be supplied for all delivery volunteers with masks (AMC sourcing at Claymore Filling Station) and disposable gloves (MOWI); all sanitiser supplies sourced from Pixel Spirits, Loch Leven Hotel.
    • Cycleway concerns: AMC raises email from Elsa at Westergarth, Nort Ballachulish – verge planted with daffodils by BEAR now swamped with ground ivy – no maintenance response from BEAR; LG suggests NLCA members could attend as part of community gardening remit; AMC raises issue of ongoing subsidence and cracking of tarmac in the cycleway near The Stores, Onich; IJ refers to case of Sallie Jack struggling to proceed on cycleway near her home (Rosapenna, Onich) due to debris; planned sweeping of cycleway in March by BEAR, postponed without notice; DW raises recent fallen tree near Village Hall was not cleared up properly; general agreement that cycleway is a major recreational facility for NL during lockdown, but debris and damage impinging on safety: – IJ to write to BEAR and SUSTRANS.
  • AOB:
  • LG – NLCC Facebook post and Covid-19 email message needed to volunteers advising capacity to claim fuel expenses (45p per mile); AMC – Facebook, IJ – email, LG supplying claim forms.
    • DW – steps to shore in Onich Bay opposite Camus Lodge are moving, following damage from Storm Ciara; DW has written to BEAR advising of potential undermining to sea wall beneath A82 – this will require shuttering with concrete to repair damage. DW also raises recent increase in localised speeding since lockdown – NM to pass on to Traffic Police.
    • JC – VE day tomorrow: two minutes silence at 11 a.m., and public toast at 3 p.m. – AMC to add Facebook post.
  • Meeting closes:  8.51pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 4th June


  1. AMC to post newsletters
  2. LG to facilitate grocery boxes and afternoon teas + quizzes
  3. AMC to compose NLCC support letter to NL residents
  4. IJ to coordinate deliveries
  5. JC/AMC/IJ to source/supply sanitiser/masks/gloves for delivery volunteers
  6. IJ to write to BEAR/SUSTRANS re cycleway concerns
  7. AMC/IJ to raise availability of fuel expenses claim forms on NLCC FB and Covid-19 email
  8. LG to provide claims forms
  9. NM to raise speeding concerns with Traffic Police