Minutes of meeting 4th June

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Jo Cowan, Karl Spierling, Nicola Mair
  2. Apologies:, Andrew Baxter
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  AMC proposed, DW seconded
  4. Matters Arising: (i) AMC submitted change to RBS mandate; LG to pursue online banking 5/6/20; (ii) AMC’s comments re A82 flooding at Creag Mhor acknowledged by Transport Scotland, but disputed.
  5. Treasurer’s Statement: £9228
  6. Correspondence: emails – (i) HIE asking for notification for further resilience funds by Mid-June with evidence of expenditure; (ii) Bill from Niall Blair re website servicing and Covid-19 update – HC funding (£500) to be used to cover; (iii) Zurich Insurance – any claims re Covid-19; AMV has enquired and defib unit by Onich shop has free cover until 2021; (iv) DW reports a stress has been fitted to Onich Bay steps by BEAR in response to his email – will follow up with an email enquiry; (v) IJ reports BEAR anticipate sweeping NCN 78 (cycleway) dollowing imminent response to NLCC letter from Kate Forbes MSP/Transport Scotland; encroaching vegetation to be checked by are grass-cutting team within a fortnight; cracked surface (N. Onich) identified as requiring major structural repair and ‘on BEAR’s radar’. (vi) HC planning – applications for building extensions/alterations at Glencairn and Tigh an Allt; no issues raised.
  7. Agenda Items: no pressing agenda items.
  8. AOB: (i) NM raises PC Gordon McCreadie (Glencoe Station) concerns over B863 safety for pedestrians and cyclists; wants to raise matter with HC for extending cycleway to Kinlochleven; prepared to campaign for cycle safety with NLCC; (ii) JC suggests introducing Glencoe Officers with contacts on next NL Newsletter – also concerned about scamming awareness and intervention; (iii) IJ suggests a cycle lane painted on B863 and collaborating with Kinlochleven CC/AB to campaign for this; (iv) LG points out HC have received additional ScotGov funding for cycle routes; (v) DW highlights danger spots on B863 close to Bishop’s Bay; (vi) NM indicates Traffic Police have recorded increases in traffic volume (perceived lockdown easing) and incidence of speeding; (vii)  JC indicates specific HC funding is available for ‘safe routes to schools’ and this should apply to children outwith 30mph limit at N. Ballachulish along B863.
  • Meeting closes:  8.51pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 2nd July
  3. IJ to contact KCC/AB re cycle-lane collaboration
  4. DW has placed two wedges to support village hall doors to enable easier opening and will monitor
  5. Covid-19 Resilience issues to be discussed at dedicated meeting, Monday 8th June
  6. HIE energy efficiency program details to be added to website/newsletter (AMC/IJ?)
  7. JC to encourage Nevis Radio to enlist NLCC backing for transmitter upgrades in South Lochaber
  8. NM to ask police to check blue and yellow campervan at upper quarry in Inchree – KS points out it has been there for several weeks
  9. KS to contact FC regarding windblown trees overhanging Wades Walk, 300m from Vertical Descents building
  10. DW reminds of debris from winter storms at Onich Bay – IJ to raise with NLCA as an activity to deal with before next winter
  11. NM reports Road Policing Unit are monitoring South Lochaber with speed guns and will update NLCC