Minutes of a meeting held on 5 April 2018

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 5 April 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Dave Wrigglesworth, Ann Marie Cameron, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Gordon MacIntyre

Apologies Stewart Livingston , Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed DW Seconded AMC

Matters Arising

Road Safety
A Baxter notified by Pauline Donaldson of the traffic survey results. 85% of traffic is driving at the speed limit @40mph and, therefore, HC sees the B863 at N Ballachulish as unsuitable for a 30mph limit.
IJ to respond

The first is now built and ready to be installed at the school.

The CC is itemising admin costs with a view to applying to the Discretionary Fund. To include hall rental and minute secretary.

Flashing Sign
AMC to write to Transport Scotland

Participation Request
IJ and DW to flesh out CC letter requesting participation in future A82 upgrade consultations in Nether Lochaber

AMC to contact Jo Cowan

Tree opposite cafe
The tree officer has put an enforcement order on the workmen to adhere to protection put in place in planning consent

The next activity day is 8April, working on the picnic site.

There is £863.91 in the account

1. Notification of Insurance with Zurich
2. Resilience funding is available from SSE
3. Planning submission from Loch Leven Hotel for camping pods. There has been a query over access.
4. Reminder to hold AGM date set – 7 June
5. Annual renewal from GRAPL (website)

1. Loch Leven Planning Application. Concerns include public access to road and capacity of the sewage system.
IJ to write comment to planning
2. Bus service – following the closure of their depot by Stagecoach the 44 service may be run on an emergency contract and drop to a 2 hourly service .
AB is proposing bike racks on buses and smaller buses that orbit the Loch.
3. A puddle is forming at the Church coming from a burn at the back.
IJ to inspect.

Meeting closed 8.40pm

Date of next meeting THURSDAY 3 April 2018 7pm
Village Hall meeting at 6.30pm