Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Dave Wrigglesworth, Nicola Mair, Jennifer Jarl, Lisa
Glaze (minute sec),
Apologies Ann Marie Cameron, Stewart Livingston, Andrew Baxter
Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded NM
Matters Arising
NM to contact Community Payback Team to see if they would be able to
The project will continue later in the year when everyone has more time. Looking
for community volunteers.
Participation Request
IJ is awaiting a reply from Kate Forbes
Community Association
The formal opening of the picnic site was well attended.
Next activity day is Sunday 10 June- Cuilcheanna bus stop and memorial cross
Will be coming up at planning next week.
Shiel buses have the emergency contract to the end of August. 90% of services will
continue. The penultimate night bus and 44 service between 16.10 and 18.40 will not be
running. The tender for the new contract is out in July and will start in September.
IJ to send temporary timetable to website
Inchree Bridge and Cycleway
Bear has put in a planning application for the cycle track bridge
IJ to speak to SUSTRANS about camber on Ballachulish Bridge
Dangerous overhanging vegetation, loose gravel and dangerous parking are all issues.
NM suggested phoning 101 to report. It may be possible to continue the green line
around the Bayside corner.
JJ to photograph vehicles parking half on cycleway at the dangerous corner at
Composting Toilets
Ben Starkey has now installed toilets.
FC have not yet replied.
£1,167.42 in bank
1. A Rep will attend the meeting in July to discuss the new hospital
2. NM to collect new defibrillator signs
3. To comply with new data protection rules anyone named in minutes must be aware
and have given permission
4. AMC to draft a letter from Cc to all residents with vegetation overhanging the
cycleway asking them to cut it back as it is extremely hazardous to the public
5. JJ to speak to the Grazings clerk for permission to cut the grass at the cafe
6. 500 police officer s are to be trained in the use of tasers in the Highlands. IJ asked
NM To enquire over funding in light of funds being unavailable for an A82
investigation team. LG enquired as to whether officers attending the MTB World Cup
at Nevis Range were armed.
7. Fence at Bal Ur playpark has collapsed. NM has approached HC with no result. IJ
suggested sending a photo to the council and Lochaber Times.
8. Hydroplan has been investigating hydro power generation in Glen Righ. We have
not been notified of this, the developer may be prepared to come along and speak to
us. The F.C. will receive rent and the community would be eligible for 5% community
payback. If, at a later date, there is a community buyout of Inchree forest this would
include the rental revenue.
9. AMC to report fly tipping at Inchree bus shelter
10. There is a Highland Council consultation about communities taking over grass
cutting etc.
11. The headteacher at St Brides has announced her retirement. There is a meeting at
the school about future school management.
12. Inchree Forum: a suggestion to approach the Lochaber Housing Association for a
trial site to create allotments as a start was agreed. IJ to notify the steering group.
Meeting closed at 9pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 5 July 2018 7pm
VILLAGE HALL meeting 6.30pm