Draft minutes of Meeting 5th August 2021

NLCC Minutes (AGM), Thursday 5th August, 2021

NL Village Hall

  1. Present: Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Iain Jenner, Marie MacLachlan (MLM), Andrew Baxter, Nicola Mair
  2. Apologies: Ann Marie Cameron, Jo Cowan, Marilyn MacDonald, Karl Spierling
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  MLM proposed, LG seconded
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  £5475.88
  5. Matters Arising:
    1. DW: what to spend Enabling Neighbourhoods funds on? DW suggests a strimmer; IJ proposes pooling resources with NLCA for gardening equipment – will raise at next meeting of trustees
    1. Response from Pauline Donaldson (HC): AB details PD will be inspecting 20s Plenty zones at Bunree & Cuilcheanna for maintenance issues; possibility of speed bumps being put in; NM details issue of campervans taking wrong turn. DW asks about Caravan Club road – IJ has had a response from CC Directors PA – they will respond formally in 20 days
    1. CC noticeboards progressing
    1. IJ met Niall Blair re new (Nether Lochaber) website; DW & MLM agree to be new administrators for CC: CA admins TBC at next meeting
    1. DW raises issue of BEAR using glyphosphate; CC in general opposition for multiple reasons – principally environmental; lack of appropriate maintenance (vegetation control, surface sweeping); DW to raise with Lochaber CC Alliance; IJ to approach SUSTRANS
    1. DW raises drainage issue at Creag Mhor; BEAR have responded acknowledging drain size is inadequate and drainage from Creag Mhor Hotel is contributing – ongoing
    1. DW – Onich beach clean organised; skip in place; 4×4 arranged; 4/5 volunteers agreed; taking place Saturday 7th August between tides
    1. Building Control issues over Air BnB ongoing
    1. MLM continues to seek quote from Alan Ingram re deep-cleaning Village Hall; LG raises
  • Correspondence:
  • HC Planning application for 3 x dwelling houses at Bunree: no concerns raised by residents or CC members
    • IJ had response from Crofting Commission re FOI over Croft 38; has fwdd to HC Planning for inclusion with objection; AB took no part in these discussions
  • AOB:
    • DW: Citilink Bus hit bus-stop at Onich Bay; foundations loose and has been scheduled for replacement in new location for 2/3 years; AB will pursue
    • DW: litter at Gleaner Picnic Site – how often emptied? IJ: 3 x per fortnight. AB will request if HC Wardens can visit weekly; IJ to put up additional signage
    • DW: issue of speeding through village (Agenda Item for next meeting); LG suggests acquiring hi-viz cut-outs to fit around village
    • MLM: state of Corran Junction visibility splay: DW says BEAR have re-cut this as well as the HC ferry men
    • NM: toileting by visitors by residential houses (N. Ballachulish) – lack of awareness by visitors of public toilets; IJ suggests HC should amend Google Maps to have more prominent markers
    • IJ: point of information – FLS have agreed to CATs process to give Inchree Barn to community for £1: ongoing
    • AB: options for replacement to Corran Ferry – NLCC does not currently have a representative on Steering Group to discuss options – will propose this at next meeting
  • Meeting closes:  9.02 pm
  • Next meeting date: Thursday 2nd September, 2021, 7.30pm.


  • IJ to end Voipfone contract
    • IJ to approach SUSTRANS re encroaching vegetation/surface maintenance issues on NCN78
    • DW to oversee skip operation at Onich Bay
    • MLM to obtain quote from Allan Ingram for deep cleaning hall
    • AB to investigate bus shelter situation at Onich Bay, request weekly visits to picnic site (Gleaner) by HC Wardens, and facilitate NL representation at Corran Ferry steering group
    • LG to investigate hi-viz cut-out figures for speed limit awareness