Minutes of Meeting Thursday 9th September, 2021

NLCC Minutes,

Zoom meeting

  1. Present: Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Marilyn MacDonald, Marie MacLachlan, Ann Marie Cameron
  2. Apologies: Andrew Baxter, Nicola Mair, Jo Cowan
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  Proposed DW, Seconded MLM
  4. Treasurer’s Report: £5886.79 including HC grant £410.91 (August)
  5. Matters Arising:
    1. Enabling Neighbourhoods Fund earmarked for CC Comms – newsletter (£1800) and gardening supplies and equipment (£1500) NLCA Board still to meet to discuss – will organise sourcing, ordering, and storage.
    1. HC Pauline Donaldson aware – ongoing; positive meeting with Caravan Club re speed control on access road – additional signage, speed bumps, and shared access notification at cattle grid
    1. Noticeboards still progressing
    1. Website still progress – DW and MLM to accept CC emails as well as administrate new site
    1. BEAR have completed Onich Bay steps repair, are scheduling drainage repair for Creag Mhor; Lochaber Alliance meeting on 13th September (IJ to attend) to discuss glyphosphate use
    1. MLM struggling to contact cleaning operatives for hall – ongoing
    1. AB still waiting to hear re Onich bus shelter and HC Wardens – IJ points out litter situation at picnic site has improved
    1. Toileting issues ongoing
    1. Inchree Barn – FLS Decision Notice now received – ongoing discussion to be had at NLCA
    1. AMC indicates she has received emails re Corran Ferry Steering Group, but no formal invitation to send a representative as yet
  6. Correspondence:
    1. Don Michie re Onich Pods application; detailed letter of objection (see below)
    1. Malcolm MacGregor (St.Brides) re concern over dwindling numbers at nursery – IJ to contact to discuss; not really NLCC remit; MLM points out house prices are limiting opportunities for young families to live in NL; MM points out HC provide forecasts
    1. Update from Chris Hodge (SSE Project Manager for subsea cable at Corran – behind schedule due to hard granite; drilling under Ardgour-Strontian road requiring HC consult; no time scale TBC
  • AOB:
    • Onich Pods application – multiple concerns expressed; sewerage capacity being given to commercial property when 75+ properties in Onich remain unconnected; road safety – increase in vehicles, loss of visibility; loss of visual amenity; damage to SSSI; contravention of HC Policy regarding NSA; localised pollution from tar planing’s; inadequate construction of sea wall; misrepresentation of (High) coastal flood risk; potential negative impact from holiday property on Church of Scotland activities; negative visual impact on (listed) Telford property from open sea
  • Meeting closes:  8.52pm
  • Next meeting date: 7th October, 2021


  • IJ to approach SUSTRANS re encroaching vegetation/surface maintenance issues on NCN78
    • MLM to obtain quote from Allan Ingram for deep cleaning hall
    • IJ to compile letter re Onich Pods application – will request site meeting HC Planning