Minutes of meeting 1st July 2021

NLCC Minutes (AGM), Thursday 1st July 2021

NL Village Hall

  1. Present: Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Iain Jenner, Marilyn MacDonald (MM), Marie MacLachlan (MLM), Karl Spierling, Jo Cowan
  2. Apologies: Ann Marie Cameron, Andrew Baxter, Nicola Mair
  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes:  MM proposed, MLM seconded
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  £2512.02 + £3300 (Enabling Neighbourhoods)
  5. Matters Arising:
    1. IJ has contacted Pauline Donaldson – awaiting response
    1. DW has sent NLCC objection re Croft 38 & 39
    1. Village Hall tidied by LG/MM/MLM – many thanks
    1. CC noticeboards progressing; IJ to order pin-board materials to deliver to KS (for workshop facility)
    1. IJ meeting Niall Blair 8th/9th June re website
  6. Correspondence:
    1. HC Planning: application for 1 x single storey house (PIP) at Croft 16 & 17 Old Town, Lindsay & Tony Sykes – no grounds for objection from NLCC at this time


  • LG raises what to spend Enabling Neighbourhoods funding on; suggestions of bookshelves (MM), more frequent/detailed newsletter (LG) – IJ to contact AMC re original funding application form to determine spending criteria; IJ to plan newsletter run for late August
    • DW asks do we need to continue with Voipfone? – not been used for 2 months+;
    • MLM raises BEAR Scotland van spraying weedkiller through passenger door before 7am, between Old Town & Ballachulish Bridge, proceeding south by NCN78. LG raises concern over community association garden areas/tubs. DW to pursue with BEAR contact. MLM to determine greater detail.
    • MM raises concern over the condition of the village hall; LG informs she booked a cleaner for deep clean, but was let down last minute; IJ suggests enlisting an alternative in the meantime; DW raises longer term issue of replacing the building; KS suggests deferring decisions to NLCA; MLM suggests asking Allan Ingram; JC points out Covid situation creates opportunity to institute more rigorous cleaning mandate for hall users; IJ asks for duplicate instructions
    • MM raises difficulty in accessing parking at hall when users park at noticeboard; various options discussed – ongoing
    • KS raises concern over a new Air BnB at Inchree; JC points out there is a consultation beginning over impact of properties used like this; KS also points out a disabled access has been removed – does this require planning permission? IJ suggests contacting HC Planning Officers or Councillors.
    • DW has written to BEAR re flooding at Creag Mhor – awaiting response
    • DW: beach clean/steps project is progressing – Tom Kirsop happy to help with Argo + Trailer, and HC Waste Management have been contacted to arrange a date
    • IJ: point of information – fields south of Ballachulish Bridge are up for sale as a development opportunity for <25 houses; likely to have major implications for sewage capacity at N. Ballachulish in future
  • Meeting closes:  9.09 pm
  • Next meeting date: Thursday 5th August, 2021, 7.30pm.


  • IJ to contact AMC re Enabling Neighbourhoods funding application
    • IJ to plan newsletter for late August – liase with local business & Printsmith
    • DW to contact BEAR re weedkiller use
    • JC to forward cleaning mandate to LG, who will forward to hall users and post in the building
    • MLM to make enquiry to Allan Ingram for deep cleaning hall
    • KS to contact HC Planning re disabled ramp