Minutes of meeting 5th November 2020

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions.

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Jo Cowan, Nicola Mair, Andrew Baxter, Malcolm McGregor (St.Brides), Neil Johnston
  • Apologies: none submitted
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  DW proposed, AMC seconded
  • Matters Arising:
  • AMC re communications relating to Glen Righ hydro – has now contacted FLS re lack of response;
    • AB has contacted Iain Cameron (HC Waste Manager) who has agreed to dispose of waste material at Onich Bay – IJ to contact and arrange; AB also spoke with Colin Watson, new NW Network Manager BEAR Issues relating to access steps at Onich Bay – he will investigate and update asap
    • IJ to print off and deliver hedge letters to AMC – there have been glitches with exchanging emails recently
    • LG has continued to replenish resilience group food supplies at the village hall – can any members passing monitor.
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £3860.45; current Covid-19 spend to date is £6733.77
  • Correspondence:
  • AMC/IJ/DW are all in favour of proposal from HC Planning (Christine Millard) for NJ to add trellis fencing to his letting cabin development (Old Town) as a screen for the neighbouring property, as are the Logan family (objectors).
    • A new application has been submitted for Lodge-on-the-Loch re a café and cabin-block development; NLCC to re-submit comments re longstanding concerns over mains sewerage capacity being utilised by businesses when many Onich residents are on septic systems.
    • HC has opened a consultation on community empowerment – IJ to forward to members.
    • IJ talked with Kate Forbes MSP’s Office, and there are two items for the next newsletter/FB post. 1. The availability of Broadband Vouchers (Up to £5K value) for those with poor internet connections in rural locations. 2. New fire safety legislation (post-Grenfell Tower), requiring all properties to have wirelessly linked smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by February 2022.
  • Agenda Items: no pressing agenda items.
  • AOB:
    • DW raises further concern re Onich Bay – difficult logistics to be assessed for waste disposal – should safety signs be positioned on damaged concrete founds? AMC alludes to liability issue over this : AB agrees. AB suggests contacting Environmental Health Officer to enforce removal. IJ points out NL community is the owner – suggests CC be consulted over safely flattening the structure using a tractor.
  • DW raises concern over hedge at Onich Gorge/NCN78 needing trimmed as a priority – AMC will approach the owners.
  • LG suggests arranging another afternoon tea in the run-up to Christmas (2 weeks before); JC suggests arranging a link with St.Brides School: MM agreeable; IJ indicates a direct link with Lyndsay Sykes (Stiff Peaks Baking) following earlier afternoon teas – she needs a weeks notice.
  • IJ raises idea of proposed vigil at St.Brides Church for Rembrance Sunday in honour of Rev. David Railton MC; current minister has requested this does not take place owing to liability issues, but is conducting an open air (socially distanced) service on Remembrance Day and laying a wreath – residents are welcome to attend and can book in advance – IJ to post link on NLCC FB; Painted poppy stones organised by MM are to be laid on the grave; JC to investigate arranging a plaque – IJ to consult minister.
  • JC raises issue of local community resilience measures for Christmas –what can we do for NL? Lights in windows (JC)? Collaborative Christmas Tree to be decorated at St. Brides School (MM)? Garden gate decorations (LG)? Ideas to be requested in newsletter/FB (IJ)?
  • IJ to contact Henrik Miecsi (HIE) re Covid-19 Recovery and Infrastructure funds – ideas by email to IJ please.
  • JC raises point of information – slots on Nevis Radio now announcing local resilience measures.
  • Meeting closes:  8.51 pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 3rd December


  1. AMC to pursue Glen Righ hydro community payback
  2. IJ to contact Ian Cameron HC re waste disposal at Onich Bay
  3. AM to re-submit comments re sewerage at Lodge-on-the-Loch
  4. IJ to print off and deliver hedge letters to AMC
  5. IJ to consult CC re demolition
  6. IJ to post link on NLCC FB; IJ to consult minister