Minutes of meeting 5th May 2021

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Jo Cowan, Marie MacLachlan (MM), Marilyn Macdonald (MLM), Karl Spierling
  • Apologies: Dave Wrigglesworth, Lisa Glaze, Nicola Mair, Andrew Baxter
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  AMC proposed, MLM seconded
  • Treasurer’s Report:  current balance £2512.09 – HC Grant included
  • Matters Arising:
  • AMC: Glen Righ Hydro – ongoing
    • AMC: SSEN community resilience fund has re-opened – applying as time becomes available
    • DW: Good response from Olin Watson (BEAR) re Onich Bay situation – contractor assigned, work dates & program pending
    • NLCC replacement noticeboards: ongoing; IJ has people lined up – dates to be fixed soon
    • JC details that many community resilience groups are now winding down
    • NLCC website update: Niall Blair (GRAPL) has had recent family bereavement; IJ will contact after a respectful time has passed
    • Concerns over use of St. Brides School being used as a polling station expressed; Village Hall has two exits, school has one; children miss a day of learning & extensive (overnight) deep cleaning is required; AB forwarded HC policy statement, but question as to why St. Brides has not been resolved
  • Correspondence:
  • HC Planning: application for alterations & extension to manager quarters, and to install takeaway food kiosk in grounds to service passing traffic & bunkhouse guests; all food to be pre-wrapped/prepared offsite; no CC objections raised
    • HC Emma Taylor: resilience groups questionnaire sent out to be returned by May 19th; IJ to address
  • AOB:
  • MM: Corran residents concerned about toileting behind public WC facility; could 50p charge be removed? Is there a contactless facility? will Corran Bunkhouse kiosk make situation worse?: AB to be consulted (IJ)
    • MLM: similar concerns over FLS picnic site on Loch Linnhe; should this be reported to Environmental Health Officer?
    • AMC: passing on comms from DW – JML Contractors are planning to remove old concrete founds (community club-hut) at Onich Bay as part of steps repair
    • AMC: dog waste bin at Cuilcheanna currently resolved – thanks to LG for painting signage: IJ/LG to monitor going forward
    • IJ: concerns over volume of hgv traffic at Inchree from residents; describe 2 weeks of tipper lorries to repair road, & impending year-long program of harvesting/extraction; residents being ‘honked’ to move parked cars at Four Seasons corner in early morning as timber lorries cannot pass; IJ to write to FLS to discuss future routes of timber removal
  • Meeting closes:  8.52 pm
  • Next meeting date: Thursday 3rd June 2021, 7.30pm.


  1. AMC to pursue Glen Righ hydro community payback
  2. AMC to submit SSEN application
  3. DW to monitor Onich Bay
  4. IJ to fix date for CC noticeboards work
  5. IJ to contact Niall Blair
  6. IJ to complete HC Resilience questionnaire
  7. IJ to contact AB re Corran toilet situation
  8. IJ to draft letter to FLS re hgv traffic