Monday 3rd August 2020

NLCC Minutes,

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Jo Cowan, Nicola Mair
  • Apologies: Andrea Baxter
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  AMC proposed, DW seconded
  • Matters Arising: (i) LG awaiting banks statements – resilience spending approximately £6000 to date (ii) DW awaiting response from SNH re condition of beach at Onich Bay and potential flood protection work to infrastructure there – NLCA to discuss activity day at next board meeting. DW also awaiting response from BEAR re ‘stress meter’ on access steps, and will liase with new owners of Camus Lodge, Don Michie and Lochiel Estates (Bidwells) for further input (iii)AMC has discovered who owns the Glen Righ hydro scheme – CRF Hydro Power Ltd. (Lochgilphead) – but has been unable to make contact yet. AMC will write to enquire as to NL community payback (statutory obligation) (iv) issues regarding the Loch Leven minibus are ongoing (v) CC arranged timber delivery to Stuart Nicolson who has built 4 x new community noticeboards, awaiting placement and pinboards to be attached (vi) Ballachulish Resilience Group ‘keyworker treats’ delivered but somewhat chaotically – it is unclear who received what and if anyone got missed.
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £3228 pending statement
  • Correspondence: emails – (i) HC Planning have advised the Lodge on the Loch Café and Pod application has been withdrawn (ii)IJ to contact Henrik (HIE) to update on new resilience fund applications, current spending and bank statements (iii) DW awaiting response from BEAR (Iv) IJ to facilitate letter re encroaching hedges along cycleway
  • Agenda Items: no pressing agenda items.
  • AOB:
    • JC asks for a notice advising of the dog waste facility of a bin on Old Ferry Road opposite N. Ballachulish industrial estate (yellow HC route)
    • AMC raises concern over Cuilcheanna dog waste bin being overfilled from visitors (motorhomes) camping in the area – LG to paint message on bin similar to Gleaner picnic site
    • LG updates re resilience supplies at the village hall – 4 x swing ball kits, most food supplies, sanitiser and masks have been taken by community residents, and these are to be replenished. JC to enquire with Pixel Spirits re sanitiser.
    • IJ looking for updates for August newsletter
    • NM suggests seeking funding for flashing warning signs on the roads at Inchree/Bail’ur playparks and Bunree
  • Meeting closes:  8.44pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 3rd September


  1. AMC to write to CRF Hydro Power Ltd. Re community payback
  2. DW to consult Camus Lodge, Don Michie and Bidwells re access steps in Onich Bay
  3. IJ to update HIE re resilience spending and consult on additional funding options
  4. IJ to write letter to residents with encroaching hedges along the cycleway
  5. LG to paint appropriate message on Cuilcheanna dog waste bin
  6. LG to replenish resilience supplies in village hall