Minutes of Meeting 3rd December 2020

Digital VC meeting owing to lockdown conditions.

  1. Present:  Ann Marie Cameron, Iain Jenner, Lisa Glaze, Dave Wrigglesworth, Jo Cowan, Karl Spierling
  • Apologies: Andrew Baxter, Nicola Mair, Malcolm McGregor
  • Adoption of Previous Minutes:  LG proposed, DW seconded
  • Matters Arising:
  • AMC re communications relating to Glen Righ hydro – has now contacted FLS re lack of response -ongoing
    • IJ has contacted Iain Cameron (HC Waste Manager) who has agreed to dispose of waste material at Onich Bay by providing a skip – involvement of additional vehicle support (tractor & trailer?) required for removal from the beach to the skip – IJ to investigate
    • IJ to print off and deliver hedge letters to AMC – there have been glitches with exchanging emails recently
    • LG has continued to replenish resilience group food supplies at the village hall – DW monitored most recently and food stocks are still being used frequently.
  • Treasurer’s Statement: £3409.80 of which £1328.21 is NLCC funds & £2081.59 is grants from HIE/SSE
  • £600 is allocated to the Village Hall for running costs this year as a resilience hub
  • £692 (HIE) to be used for Xmas food/afternoon tea/new year newsletter
  • £100 donation to St. Brides School (IJ to approach MM)
  • Correspondence:
    • Retrospective planning application/renewal from Gordon Milne to alter/extend Cairndow
    • AMC to forward NLCC comments re sewerage capacity to ePlanning portal re amended Lodge-on-the-Loch ‘motel’/café development
    • Emails received from Henrik Miecsi (HIE) detailing further funds available for tourism infrastructure and CRF, Communities Recovery Fund.
  • Agenda Items: no pressing agenda items.
  • AOB:
    • DW spoke with new manager at Onich Hotel, Vincely Paul, who is ‘very keen’ to be involved with community efforts to tidy and safeguard Onich Bay; owners are considering putting more pods in the field area by their carparkand would improve access infrastructure as part of this development; DW to write an email to management in this regard, and also spoke with Sallie Jack who plans to compile a botanical list of shore plants which DW will mirror with a list of birdlife
  • AMC will approach the owners of encroaching hedge who have been on holiday recently.
  • DW suggests two ways to reduce costs of the newsletter – raising sponsorchip from businesses in NL, and offering it in an email only version to those who want it; the latter can be asked in the next issue, the former by NLCC FB post
  • Christmas Afternoon Tea delivery to be carried out in week before Christmas week; JC to create Christmas Quiz & ask school to make cards & draft CC message for gift bags; IJ to approach Lyndsay Michie (Stiff Peaks bakery) for baking
  • Meeting closes:  8.47 pm
  1. Next meeting date: Thursday 7th January


  1. AMC to pursue Glen Righ hydro community payback
  2. IJ to contact Ian Cameron HC re waste disposal at Onich Bay & planning for further discussion
  3. AM to re-submit comments re sewerage at Lodge-on-the-Loch
  4. IJ to draft newsletter
  5. JC & IJ to facilitate Afternoon Tea
  6. IJ to supply Christmas Tree to St. Brides and contact MM