NLCC Minutes 1st December 2022 at 1930hrs by Zoom

NLCC Minutes 1st December 2022 at 1930hrs by Zoom

  1. Present;       Dave Wrigglesworth DW, Ann Marie Cameron AM, Marylin Macdonald MMD, Karl Speirling KS, Lisa Glaze LG, Marie MacLachlan MLM, Brian Pearson BP (joined the meeting with an interest in becoming a CC member.)
  • Adoption of Minutes –    Proposed; LG, Seconded; MMD
  • Treasurers Report            £3476.58      (£168.88 spent on newsletter)
  • Matters Arising
  • Planning     22/04363/FUL Land outlined as under the ownership of the Onich Hotel and the creation of a path. AM – Obtained article dated October of 1963 that stated that the Township Crofters have a Right of way across this land to access the beach. It is believed the land is owned by Onich Township. We will object to planning until they establish the ownership of the land. A path has already been built but the application is not retrospective! Concerns of CC relate to the current use by residents and visitors daily. It is also the only safe vechle access to the beach and is in regular use by locals as well as Scottish Water, Highland Council Roads and others.
  • Constituency boundary – All members object to the change to Argyll and Bute from Highland.
  • Inchree – CC and FLS meeting – forestry traffic. New routes are being investigated. Costs are estimated at £1,000,000. Plans will be forwarded by FLS ASAP. .
  • Inchree – MMD made requests regarding missing signage, squirrel feeding and lack of correspondence with point of contact given. DW to email regarding matters.
  • AM – Funding for defibrillator. AM to get a price on cabinet. CC will likely purchase
  • Information weekend NLCA – sadly, not well attended by community. Vast info on project was made available to all.
  • An offer by H T to donate towards Inchree squirrel project was declined.
  • Website for CC needs updating in New Year.
  • QR code – LG queries how donations could be paid.
  • AM – confirmed to the Corra Foundation that their funding enabled our latest Sunnyside news.
  • AOB
  • Community Council and Community Association connections – Both CC and CA Members – LG chair of CA, KS board member, BP board member. (Karl, Iain, Clara and Sharon of CA are Inchree steering group) CA was set up to do community projects that the CC cannot fulfil, undertake or fund. It is a registered charity. It was agreed there is a lack of awareness within the community of the amount of time donated by members of the CA and the positive projects undertaken within Nether Lochaber. This will partly be addressed in the New Year by an updated website and closer working links with the CC.
  • MML – There is a lack of funding for community projects such as Children’s Christmas party, Kate Ward’s afternoon club, Innis Na Birlinn cemetery etc. In previous years when funding for CCs was more generous many groups were supported by the CC.  There are rules that CCs have to follow when funding any project outside of CC day to business. On this occasion, the CC has agreed to donate £50 towards Children’s Christmas Party. We will investigate the CC code of conduct for funding future local projects.

Village Hall meeting arranged for Monday 5th December 2022

  • Action Points
  • Onich Hotel path
  • Constituency boundary changes
  • Inchree – FLS’ new route for HGVs.
  • Inchree –  contact for FLS to be re-established
  • Defibrillator box price
  • NLCC / NLCA Website updates
  • QR code for squirrel food donations
  • funding local projects.

Meeting ended 2125hrs

Next meeting 12th January 2023 at 1930hrs by Zoom