MINUTES OF MEETING – 1st February 2018

Minutes for Nether Lochaber Community council
1st of February 2018

Present: Iain Jenner, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair and Colin Campbell
Also: Steven MacIntyre and Andy martin
Apologies: Ann Marie Cameron, Stewart Livingston, Dave Wrigglesworth
Last meetings minutes, proposed by Colin Campbell and second by Nicola Mair

Matters Arising:

Inchree stearing group will meet at Village Hall on the 6th of Feb 2018 at 19.00 hours

Creag Mhor Cemetary:
S.L has contacted N.L.C.A. to see if they can take over Creag Mhor Cemetary ownership. He is waiting for a reply.

Emergency power out:
Jo Cowan sent a link to SSE SDF fund. Iain J has completed an application form and we have now applied for funds to upgrade toilet and kitchen and to put in showers and laundry in to the village hall in case of a power out.

1. Steve MacIntyre application manager – environment team and Andy Martin Site Manager (New Ronnie) came from Marine Harvest to talk about the planning that has been accepted for them to up the cages to 16 from 12. One of the constraints is that they have to put an environment group together to monitor the healt of the fish in our rivers and lochs. They will keep us updated.
2. Gorge burning
3. BT has not removed the cable drum from the burn at old school house. S.L will phone again.
4. A.S.L.C.C had a meeting on the 16th of January -18. Iain Jenner is writing an alternative rout proposal for A.S.L.C.C
5. Flower and produce show schedule is ready and to go out with N.L.C.A leaflets ASAP.
6. Colin Campbell is going to contact Kate Forbs about BEAR Scotland contract that is coming up for a renewal.
7.Melany Itze is going to be in touch with I.J to come down and discuss road safety at the school. B863.
8. DE fib course has been held by David Doughan in the Village hall. Nicola is going to ask if he can repeat it in February and she will try to advertise it a bit more with the assosiations help on FaceBook.
9. Colin Campbell is going to sort out the yearly donations with Ann Marie C.
10. Jennifer J. to phone Andrew MacMaster about fly tipping at Inchree, wades road.
11. Iain is going to see how much it would cost to put up gates at the entrance at Dunbeg coming in to the village.
12. Notice boards has been started and hopefully the new one will be in at the bench by the St.Brides primary school in March. Next one to be built will be the one at old post office and a third one at Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 20.40
Next meeting 1st of March 2018