Minutes of meeting 11th January 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Stewart Livingston
Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Jo Cowan (Highland Senior Citizens Network)

Apologies Ann Marie Cameron. Andrew Baxter

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed JJ Seconded CC

Matters Arising
IJ to set a date either 30/1 or 6/2 for a formative meeting of the steering group.
Ronald MacIntyre, an original director of the Strontian buyout is to speak to the group

Ballachulish Bridge
The number of lights have been halved but they are brighter.
IJ has spoken to SUSTRANS and they are taking the matter of resurfacing forward.

Glenmorvern Pier
IJ to speak to Onich Hotel

Creag Mhor Cemetary
Community takeover to be handled by the Community Association

1. SUSTRANS have sent pictures of the signs they are proposing at Corran Ferry re
2. The draft letter to Transport Scotland was provided and will now be sent.
IJ to inform DW

£1302.84 in account including council grant of £744.96
RBS seem to have lost signatory forms so CC and IJ to redo. JJ and AMC still able to sign

Jo Cowan – Highland Senior Citizens Network spoke to the meeting
Points covered included a Community Resilience Plan which SSE will work with the
community to produce. SSE also have a Priority Service Register.
Jo will speak to SSE to see what they can contribute
AMC to get latest information on Highland Resilience Plans.
Appin is becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and it may be possible for Nether
Lochaber to become involved.
IJ to ask Niall Blair for an emergency contacts tab on the website

1. Gorse burning on Cuilcheanna Hill to take place soon
2. BT have said they will remove the reel from the burn
3. A82. Kevin Smith and IJ are to attend an Association of South Lochaber
Community Councils meeting at end of January and on the agenda will be
an alternative route via a tunnel.
4. The flower show schedule has now been printed and is available
5. The Community Association is to start a newsletter .

Meeting closed 8.45pm

Date of next meeting THURSDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2018 7pm