Minutes – Thursday 6th September – adopted 11.10/18

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM) Jennifer Jarl (JJ),
Apologies –Lisa Glaze Stewart Livingston (SL)
Also present- Marie Law & Anne MacKay-Boyd (NHS) Gordon MacIntyre

Minutes from July meeting – proposed by CC seconded by NM

COMMUNITY PAYBACK – IJ has been in touch with co-ordinator and they would be happy to build the notice boards over the winter.

KATE FORBES – attended the recent ASLCC meeting. Raised concern re community empowerment. Cllr MacLean suggested the Scottish Gov. Create an audit for feedback.

Highland Council- request for bus timetable to be erected at Cuilchenna – also chase up new bus stop at Old Town – AM – to follow up
DEFIB SIGNS – suggest they be erected on bus shelter at Onich Store – AM to contact Highland Council re permissions

TREASURER REPORT – £1164.42 – with 1 x cheque to clear for £65.39

FC response – no reply as yet

Inchree – ongoing

Website – info to come re upgrading

HYDRO PLAN INCHREE – no update – waiting got contact from FC – IJ/CC TO DEAL.

BT WORKS – IJ has a letter from BT re fiber optic works onging through village. Letter has been stuffed under door at hall. This is to be followed up. AM to get letter and follow up.

SL – Old Cemetery – continuing

Kate Ward – complaint re ‘new’ Old Town sign – AM followed this up and had the reply from David Devine of Transport Scotland. Although signs are not to be removed they are to be amendned

Coronation trees – Continuing.

Quayside lorries – Nm passed this enquiry to Police Scotland and there is no crime re the liquid expelled from the lorries

New Hospital – discussions.
Marie Law NHS Highland district manager Adult Services Lochaber and
Anne MacKay-Boyd Rural general hospital manager for the Belford Hospital were invited to join in this discussion and thanked for taking the time to come along.

Marie gave an outline of where this project is and the projected end date of 2020/22. Blue prints are available and link will be forwarded to NLCC and can be published on our website. Following the recent meeting there was good local representation and positivity. The site has been checked and considered v.good. Having to look at impact Liberty will have on area as well ie increase of population.

Anne – move still to be a 24/7 consultant lead hospital – challenging time ahead as trying to recruit but hoping that upcoming interviews will prove positive. It is costly covering with locums and what is needed is more General consultant instead of specialisms, but both necessary.

IJ asked if capacity would be same – answer was yes –trying to secure same number of beds.

NM – any paediatric services – NO unlikely – still Raigmore or Glasgow

Helipad- FW covered by dedicated trauma team from Aberdeen. IJ raised locating helip at FW to cover west due to road issues.

CC raised traffic management issues.
IJ also asked about patient transfers
Both Marie and Anne were thanks for all the information provided and they left the meeting.

Plaque at orchard – NM reports plaque gone poss grass cutters

Cylce way / hedges – DW raised concern re the shrubs and hedges protruding on to the path. IJ states this is responsibility of BEAR, as per 2014 agreement. AM to write –email to David Devine and others, cc IJ and Sustrans to email.

Cross Cottage planning – GM asked if NLCC would object as a matter of principle due to planning at this site for house. Waste of good croft land and entrance issues along with visibility. IJ to submit.

Community Council Review – IJ creating submission – (will distribute for checking prior to submission)

Meeting closed .