Minutes- 5th September 2019

Present  Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Dave Wrigglesworth,  Karl Spierling , Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also , Nicola Mair, Isobel Logan, Morag MacIntyre Andrew Baxter(late)

Apologies   AnnMarie Cameron, Stewart Livingston

Minutes of last meeting be accepted  proposed CC  Seconded KS

Treasurers Statement

£1228.41 in bank

Matters Arising


Base has been cemented in

IJ and SL to finish


Successful and well attended, well done to AnnMarie and team


 Submissions 24/9-8/10. Nomination papers available on HC website . Election 20 November. First meeting of the new council to be held in December or January.

LG notice on CA FB

AM on CC website


DW to put up posters


AM has applied to the Ward discretionary fund for £200 for minute Secretary, notices and laminating equipment.


Retrospective planning has been applied for for a timber short term letting property in Old Town. Objections have been raised by neighbours whose property is overlooked by the development. Kate Forbes had been approached to take it up with planning and now nearest neighbour notices have been issued for retrospective planning.

Following discussion of what would be an acceptable outcome

DW to write letter of objection on behalf of the neighbours and make a late submission

AMC to inform the Planning Officer

IJ to contact the grazings clerk


Emptying of bin to be monitored




  1.  CC had experienced a delay when making a 999 call and has taken it up with Cllr Andrew Baxter.
  2. DW asked CC if it was possible to move the cow feeders on the gorge road as the path was becoming impassable with slurry.
  3. NM informed the council that the police are receiving training in the use of mobile devices
  4. Concern was raised over drainage onto the beach from the pods at the Onich hotel AB to contact Planning Officer
  5. Another car has come off the road at Ash Cottage IJ to add to communication with Transport Scotland. NM to enquire about unmarked car presence in village.
  6. Old Town sign is causing problems for visitors calling late at night and unable to find the road

Meeting closed at 9pm

Date of next meeting   Thursday 5 December 7pm (or 9 January if there is an election)