Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd November 2017

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM)
Also –Cllr Andrew Baxter
Apologies –Jennifer Jarl (JJ)Stewart Livingston (SL), Lisa Glaze

Minutes from October meeting – proposed by NM seconded by DW

DEFIB – press item been auctioned. AM raised signage of unit as if you were not aware, there is nothing to make it’s location stand out.
Training dates to be organised – ACTION -NM

VEGETATION CYCLEWAY – IJ has been in contact with Mr Kearney (Sustrans) re the continuing issues of vegetation growth and the lack of any sustainable plan to deal with same. He is aware this is an ongoing issue and suggested we contact our MPS.
INCHREE – progressing slowly but good.

ROAD SIGNS; IJ has composed a letter re this problem.

NOTICEBOARDS – IJ and SL are going to try and build 2 x notice boards, over the winter. IJ suggested moving the school site board to the rear of the bench. Costs look to be approx £500

A82 Participation- DW to make contact with Ben Thomson re inclusion of NLCC and community in A82 talks. Also to get us involved with Transport Scotland re any proposals for A82

Fish farm application – letter hs been forwarded to planning and is viewable on planning section.

CURLING POND – DW to make enquiries as to ownership of pond. Original fencing still visible and ground very wet and spongy .

POSTCODES – Cllr Baxter informed those present that it would be feasible for Seafood Restautant and self catering properties to apply through HC for a separate postcode which would help with the problem of satnavs taking visitors the wrong way. AM suggested that home owners should also take responsibility for their own properties and have house name signs visible. IJ suggested a list of property names and locations for Ambulance/Fire but they should already have this info from the electoral roll.

Ballachulish Bridge works – should be finished soon and ramp removed

B863 speed – meeting has been held re speed on this stretch of road, traffic survey to be carried out using radar. Also ask HF to consider cutting back vegetation which is obscuring the street lighting making an already dark area darker still.

TREASURER REPORT – bank account £869.91 – awaiting council grant (AM sent paperwork through after AGM) also coming up to donations in December to local groups. AM requested that we increase the donation to Senior Citizens as no funding available from HC.

Website – new/upgraded website is now active. NLCA will have a page also. IJ suggested having an archive section old photos and history items. This is following the success of the Memories weekend.

Road Camera – IJ enquired whether it would be possible to have a live camera feed for certain road corners which cause concern.
Proposed Picnic site – Am reports TECS in FW happy to provide a ‘poo’ bin for dog poo when required for this site
Old Town Bus Shelter – AM contacted Dot Ferguson re this shelter to advise we still would like it upgraded. It is on the list but due to financial limits they can only do a few each year.

NLCA work day – this Sunday (5th) work party at recycling /picnic site for cutting back vegetation.
Meeting closed .