Minutes of meeting 11th January 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Stewart Livingston
Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Jo Cowan (Highland Senior Citizens Network)

Apologies Ann Marie Cameron. Andrew Baxter

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed JJ Seconded CC

Matters Arising
IJ to set a date either 30/1 or 6/2 for a formative meeting of the steering group.
Ronald MacIntyre, an original director of the Strontian buyout is to speak to the group

Ballachulish Bridge
The number of lights have been halved but they are brighter.
IJ has spoken to SUSTRANS and they are taking the matter of resurfacing forward.

Glenmorvern Pier
IJ to speak to Onich Hotel

Creag Mhor Cemetary
Community takeover to be handled by the Community Association

1. SUSTRANS have sent pictures of the signs they are proposing at Corran Ferry re
2. The draft letter to Transport Scotland was provided and will now be sent.
IJ to inform DW

£1302.84 in account including council grant of £744.96
RBS seem to have lost signatory forms so CC and IJ to redo. JJ and AMC still able to sign

Jo Cowan – Highland Senior Citizens Network spoke to the meeting
Points covered included a Community Resilience Plan which SSE will work with the
community to produce. SSE also have a Priority Service Register.
Jo will speak to SSE to see what they can contribute
AMC to get latest information on Highland Resilience Plans.
Appin is becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and it may be possible for Nether
Lochaber to become involved.
IJ to ask Niall Blair for an emergency contacts tab on the website

1. Gorse burning on Cuilcheanna Hill to take place soon
2. BT have said they will remove the reel from the burn
3. A82. Kevin Smith and IJ are to attend an Association of South Lochaber
Community Councils meeting at end of January and on the agenda will be
an alternative route via a tunnel.
4. The flower show schedule has now been printed and is available
5. The Community Association is to start a newsletter .

Meeting closed 8.45pm

Date of next meeting THURSDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2018 7pm

Minutes of meeting 7th December 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair Ann Marie Cameron
Lisa Glaze (minute sec),
Also Gordon McIntyre

Apologies Dave Wrigglesworth. Stewart Livingston Andrew Baxter

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed JJ Seconded NM

Matters Arising


NM to speak to D Duggan for training dates in January

Overgrown vegetation
Cllr Ben Thomson has confirmed that Transport Scotland are responsible for maintaining the cycleway adjacent to the trunk road. The MSP is chasing BEAR.

IJ to set a date for the formal creation of steering group.

Road signs and repairs
Cllr Andrew Baxter is chasing this issue

A82 Participation
Transport Scotland is to be notified that NLCC is putting in a formal request to participate in this forum

Ballachulish Bridge
The works on the bridge have finished but the lights are not back on nor was the cycleway tarmaced
IJ to contact SUSTRANS

B863 Speed Limits
Highland Council are to do a radar survey
PC Itze will meet IJ on site and Police Scotland are prepared to do a high profile event.

Website Archive
IJ to ask Anne MacKay if she is interested in helping with this.

In the interests of accountability letters sent out by NLCC are to be appended to the minutes.
£863.91 in account
AMC to email Dot Ferguson, annual grant has not been received

Vehicle Activated Signs
DW has costed these signs. Funding has historically come from HC

Glenmorvern Pier
Onich Hotel has been advising their guests that they cannot cross the pier at high tide.
IJ to investigate

1. Decrofting for crofts 19 and 20 has been refused
2. Community donations to be held over until January. A bill from the Community Association for printing membership packs is expected.
3. Creag Mhor Cemetary – SL has received acknowledgment from HC of our letter of application to take over the Cemetary
4. Limescale – it was reported that problems have been occurring with limescale deposits from the water mains

Meeting closed 8.15pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 4 January 2018 7pm

Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd November 2017

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM)
Also –Cllr Andrew Baxter
Apologies –Jennifer Jarl (JJ)Stewart Livingston (SL), Lisa Glaze

Minutes from October meeting – proposed by NM seconded by DW

DEFIB – press item been auctioned. AM raised signage of unit as if you were not aware, there is nothing to make it’s location stand out.
Training dates to be organised – ACTION -NM

VEGETATION CYCLEWAY – IJ has been in contact with Mr Kearney (Sustrans) re the continuing issues of vegetation growth and the lack of any sustainable plan to deal with same. He is aware this is an ongoing issue and suggested we contact our MPS.
INCHREE – progressing slowly but good.

ROAD SIGNS; IJ has composed a letter re this problem.

NOTICEBOARDS – IJ and SL are going to try and build 2 x notice boards, over the winter. IJ suggested moving the school site board to the rear of the bench. Costs look to be approx £500

A82 Participation- DW to make contact with Ben Thomson re inclusion of NLCC and community in A82 talks. Also to get us involved with Transport Scotland re any proposals for A82

Fish farm application – letter hs been forwarded to planning and is viewable on planning section.

CURLING POND – DW to make enquiries as to ownership of pond. Original fencing still visible and ground very wet and spongy .

POSTCODES – Cllr Baxter informed those present that it would be feasible for Seafood Restautant and self catering properties to apply through HC for a separate postcode which would help with the problem of satnavs taking visitors the wrong way. AM suggested that home owners should also take responsibility for their own properties and have house name signs visible. IJ suggested a list of property names and locations for Ambulance/Fire but they should already have this info from the electoral roll.

Ballachulish Bridge works – should be finished soon and ramp removed

B863 speed – meeting has been held re speed on this stretch of road, traffic survey to be carried out using radar. Also ask HF to consider cutting back vegetation which is obscuring the street lighting making an already dark area darker still.

TREASURER REPORT – bank account £869.91 – awaiting council grant (AM sent paperwork through after AGM) also coming up to donations in December to local groups. AM requested that we increase the donation to Senior Citizens as no funding available from HC.

Website – new/upgraded website is now active. NLCA will have a page also. IJ suggested having an archive section old photos and history items. This is following the success of the Memories weekend.

Road Camera – IJ enquired whether it would be possible to have a live camera feed for certain road corners which cause concern.
Proposed Picnic site – Am reports TECS in FW happy to provide a ‘poo’ bin for dog poo when required for this site
Old Town Bus Shelter – AM contacted Dot Ferguson re this shelter to advise we still would like it upgraded. It is on the list but due to financial limits they can only do a few each year.

NLCA work day – this Sunday (5th) work party at recycling /picnic site for cutting back vegetation.
Meeting closed .

Minutes of meeting 5th October 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair Dave Wrigglesworth Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Andrew Baxter Kate Ward Diane Baum (Lochaber Fisheries Trust)

Apologies Ann Marie Cameron

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed JJ Seconded NM

Matters Arising


Now installed Lochaber Times to be contacted for photo shoot

NM to speak to D Duggan for training dates

Overgrown vegetation

No response from Phil Kearney

Vegetation at Old Town bus stop still to be cleared


There has been a first meeting of the steering group. 12 people attended

Road signs and repairs

IJ to write a formal letter to BEAR about issues


IJ is looking into a possible self build solution. Self standing and positioned near benches at school and shop.


Notice and map of the 20 is plenty scheme
Reasons for objecting to the fish farm expansion have been received from Davy Gunn (LDSFB)
Also Diane Baum (LFT)



Response from Margaret Muir (Scottish Housing Assoc Highlands) acknowledging community interest in Inchree and asking for suggestions of alternative sites.

IJ to respond including

FC land near Innis an Bhirlinn, behind Four Seasons and opposite mausoleum
Morag MacIntosh field at Bunree
Hugo MacDonald Land at Callart(new houses)
The Glebe


DW to look into making an official participation request under Section 3 of the Community Empowerment Act for the stretch through the village

Form to be sent round CC members and criteria listed at next meeting.

The new chair of the A82 partnership, Ben Thomson to be invited to a meeting.

Speed cameras and a flashing sign were suggested.


Andrew Baxter excluded himself from this discussion

Loch Leven fishfarm employees have previously outlined the plans for expansion and moves toward organic status.

Glencoe Community Council, National Trust, Lochaber Fisheries Board and Fisheries Trust have objected. Ballachulish CC is commenting on the application. The main objection is the impact on wild fish stocks, particularly in the River Coe.

Dian Baum spoke to the meeting about the concerns of Lochaber Fisheries Trust particularly the proliferation of sea lice.

IJ. To draw up a letter of concerns and put to CC


There is interest in the reinstatement of the curling rink at Inchree. Ownership to be investigated
There is concern over the confusion caused by our postcodes which lump North Ballachulish with Onich
There is to be a controlled burn on Cuilcheanna Hill
AB has asked for more information on the repairs being carried out on the Ballachulish bridge
IJ/AB to meet Ms Donaldson (roads) to discuss the speed limit on the Kinlochleven road.

Meeting closed 9.05pm

Date of next meeting THURSDAY 2 November 2017 7pm

Minutes of meeting 7th September 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Ann Marie Cameron Nicola Mair Lisa
Glaze (minute sec),
Also Donald Stuart
Apologies Stewart Livingston, Andrew Baxter

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded AMC

Matters Arising

Byre at Old Town
AMC to speak to planning officer and ask why stipulation to keep the Byre has been

IJ to contact Neil Malcolm and ask to install
NM to approach D Duggan for training dates

Overgrown vegetation
IJ will contact Phil Kearney again

There has still been no response to the communities letter. A formal complaint may be
made to the Minister involved.

A document is being prepared for NFU Mutual to allow CC to cut the grass
IJ to approach FC obout funding a feasibility study into proposals

1. A Q and A style document has been received about the new hospital proposed for
Fort William

£863.81 in account.

Community Association to be asked to clear vegetation at Old Town bus stop
Target is to get steering groups up and running within two months.
Six people have already come forward, at least four more required.
IJ to contact people and convene an informal meeting before next CC meeting

Road signage and repairs
1. 20 is plenty is facing the wrong way at Cuilcheanna
2. Cruachan/Gollanfield corner has been patched but still causing problems. Stuart
McClean is collecting accident statistics
3. Strathlinne warning sign is unreadable
4. The drain at the old Byre is collapsing again
5. Flooding at Creag Mhor – there are now permanent rivers crossing the pavement
6. New signs to Old Town at St Brides are enormous, incorrectly spelt, obscured by trees,
are dangerously positioned, have no indication of distance and are causing drivers to
take the wrong turning
7. Turning onto the B863 from the A82 involves a confusing and rapid change in speed
limits. There is no indication on the trunk road of the proximity of a primary school.
NM to ask police to make checks between 4.30 and 5.30 in an unmarked car
8. Sustrans is to put up warning signs that the multi user path has very narrow sections.
9. Drain collapsing again outside Old Stores
10. NM to ask police about the moving of abnormal loads during the day

Village Show was very successful, thanks to Ann Marie and her team

Knotweed several areas are in need of treatment

Noticeboards at St Brides has no cover and is not useable for CC notices
IJ to speak to Dot Ferguson about the Discretionary Fund

A82 summit
Donald Stuart informed the meeting that the next steps in upgrading the A82 will be
Tarbert/Inverarnan, then Fort William and then Onich.
Ben Thomson is now chair of the A82 partnership

Meeting closed 9.10pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER 2017 7pm

Minutes of meeting 6th July 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Ann Marie Cameron Lisa Glaze (minute
Also Gordon MacIntyre
Apologies Stewart Livingston, Andrew Baxter

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed JJ Seconded CC

The AGM was postponed until 7 September

Matters Arising

Byre at Old Town
New planning permission for a house on this site does not have as a condition, that the Byre be
AMC to speak to planning officer and ask why stipulation to keep the Byrne has been

AMC to give defibrillator and paint to Lawson
IJ to contact Neil Malcolm and ask to install

The Community Association has received £5000 from SUSTRANS
Gleaner Picnic Site
AMC to ask HC for a dog waste bin

IJ has written a letter about the sewage system which will be forwarded to HC

The strip of land below St Brides can be taken over, no residents object.
Overgrown vegetation
IJ will contact Phil Kearney to approach BEAR

Seven Community Council s submitted a letter to the minister for Transport who is to
respond in 30days.
An upgrade of the A82 between Tarbet and Inverarnan to be completed by 2025.
Margaret Davidson,HC, demanded something be done in Fort William/Lochaber.

SL has completed initial application for community ownership

The public meeting was well attended and the plans for community ownership positive.
CC to cut fields insurance permitting
IJ to approach FC obout funding a feasibility study into proposals

1. Bill from Printsmith CC to pay

£1028.91 in account.

A82 Colin’s Corner
Accidents are still occurring despite the new tarmac. Seymour McLeod are conducting a

Community Association is now a registered charity

Smokehouse in Glenelg owner is looking for premises in Nether Lochaber

Road Safety there is inconsistency throughout the village with regard to speed limits.
The next Road Safety Group meeting is in September.

CCto cut vegetation around Old Town bus shelter

Minutesof Community Council to be put on noticeboards in bus shelters.

Ward Discretionary Fund there have been problems with the form . Other funds that
could be accessed for funding for noticeboards include. Tesco Bags, Rotary Club. AMC to

Next step is to establish a steering group. Probably in two parts
1. Buildings and FC land
2. Housing Association land.
Business plans to be developed and presented to the Community and then a ballot held to
access the Scottish Land Fund.

Meeting closed 8.44pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 7 September 2017 7pm

Minutes from meeting held on 1st June 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair, Stuart Livingston, Lisa Glaze
(minute sec),

Also Neil Slinger, Clare Slinger, Andrew Baxter(late)

Apologies AnnMarie Cameron

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed SL Seconded CC

Matters Arising
Byre at Old Town – SL Historic Scotland have declined to list
IJ to discuss with Gordon MacIntyre an approach to the owner to gauge interest in passing
on to the community
SL to write to Carn Mor who may be interested

iPad is ordered, case has arrived. Cheque for £380 to be given to Alan Knox
Community Association has been asked to organise painting of phone box.
NM to ask Neil Malcolm to do electrics

SUSTRANS is to ask Transport Scotland about flower baskets on railings
CA has sent list for funding application. Gleaner Picnic Site – Loch Eil estates have given consent
AMC to ask HC for a dog waste bin
The Community Association may supply a combination poo bag dispenser and bin.

Special Area of Conservation
The drop,in afternoon at the village hall had a good turnout from the crofting community

IJ attended on 23/5/2017
IJ has written a letter about the sewage system and provision onsite for future
developments which will be forwarded to HC in due course.

SL to ask Alan Ward about ownership of strip of land below St Brides.

Overgrown vegetation
Bear has informed the landowner who has dealt with the problem. To be monitored.
IJ will ask John Wrigley if the dangerous overhanging oak branch can be removed
when the road is closed to put in cycleway bridge.

1. All Round Signs have quoted over £3000 for 2 replacement notice boards, two other
similar quotes have been received.
TREASURERS STATEMENT – £1231.93 in account.

A82 Summit
This is to be held on 23/6/2017 in Crianlarich. Two reps from the 9 Lochaber
CC’s will be going. There will be a joint statement for upgrading and each cc
will submit a letter outlining their concerns to be handed to the minister.
IJ will write including visibility/speed/resurfacing/traffic volumes and
our support for expanding sea/rail and in the long term a new route
avoiding Onich.
To be distributed before the meeting for consultation.

Creag Mhor Graveyard
No response to enquiry about Community taking it over.
SL to write to Dot Ferguson and speak to Malcolm Kinnear.
AB to speak to Debbie Sutton Amenities Manager.
SL to speak to AMC with reference to Innis an Bhirlin insurance requirements etc.

A Public Meeting has been advertised for 24/6/2017. AB will chair from
3-4.30. The Four Seasons will be open from 1.30 with info and maps. The
forestry commission, Lochaber housing association and Kate Forbes have
been invited. IJ to compile leaflet – Monday 5/6/2017 CA to meet and compile questions. To be printed at
Printsmith, put online and delivered to each household.

Community Association weekend activity is beachclean at Onich Bay 10am 4/6/2017

INCHREE CC to cut grass if his farmers insurance covers it.

BUSES to Oban have been cut.
AB to meet meet with bus companies

SL to phone BT about cable drum in burn

IJ to write to FC about funding for a feasibility study into proposals
Hydro the developer for the proposed Hydro scheme in Inchree is pulling out. Options are
1. FC develops with stake for the community
2. Another developer to build with community
Completion has to be by September 2018
Meeting closed 9.23pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 6 JULY 2017 7pm