Minutes meeting 7th February

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 7 February 2019

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Jennifer Jarl, Ann Marie Cameron, Dave Wrigglesworth, Stewart Livingston, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also , Andrew Baxter , Gordon MacIntyre

Apologies Nicola Mair

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed AMC Seconded IJ

Matters Arising

Creag Mhòr cemetery

CC to ask villagers for support and suggestions re community acquisition
NLCA to discuss liability insurance
SL to complete paperwork
GM to send SL SCIO number (Community Association)

Speed Limits

AMC to print off and put notices on public noticeboard at school and filling station

Schools Reorganisation
AMC attended the meeting and had minutes.
St Brides is to be partnered with Glencoe.
Next meeting 27 February AMC to attend

Beach Clean
AMC to inform HC rubbish awaiting collection

A new officer has been appointed to Glencoe and has now started

Water tank
GM to find address for IJ to send letter expressing community interest

Cross cottage
Planning in principle has been granted. There was some confusion as to location
IJ to send planning reference number to AB
Bus Timetables
Laura Carpenter will send copies to be laminated and put inside bus shelters. Posters are OK if removed and the go ahead was given for the defibrillater sign

Scare children
DW to ask where speed monitoring took place and why a VAZ sign is not being taken seriously when so many motorists were exceeding 40mph

AMC to send a letter to organisations who no longer receive a donation

1. BBC Alba are looking for community events and news

1. No date yet for road closure at Croft 5 to connect water/sewage
There is a strong smell of sewage in the burn crossing the beach at Onich Bay
2. CC asked if Highland Council had formulated a Brexit policy
3. Photos of the condition of the road have been collected and are to be put on the website and FB
4. Jennifer Jarl handed in her resignation as she is now on the Board of the Community Association . She was thanked for her contribution over the years by the chair. There are now two council vacancies.
5. Concern was noted about rubbish collecting on the Cycleway and water continuously running across it at Creag Mhor
6. Marlyn MacDonald was supportive of creating additional parking at the school from the end of the playing field.
AAB to follow up
IJ to write a letter with MMs consent
7. AMC to advertise the Priority Service Register on website
IJ to get pamphlets
8. Dial 105 is a little known service which logs your location and notify SSE in the event of a power failure.
9. The Community Service Criminal Justice team will build the new CC noticeboard s if given a template.
IJ to contact
CC to enquire about a discount on slates
10. IJ enquired as to expansion and parking at Innis na Bhuilin cemetery

Meeting closed at 8.30pm
Date of next meeting Thursday 7 March 7pm

Adopted 7th March

MINUTES – MEETING 6th December 2018

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 6 December 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,,Stewart Livingston , Nicola Mair , Ann Marie Cameron, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Gordon MacIntyre, Andrew Baxter

Apologies Jennifer Jarl

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded AMC

Matters Arising

Inchree Forum
Two members, Elaine Cameron and Jill Morrow have now joined the Community Association Board.

Creag Mhòr cemetery
Malcolm Kinnear has discovered a letter from the Church of Scotland trustees dated 1991, asking the council to take over the cemetery.
SL to chase Dot Ferguson now we have this

CC Review
IJ attended the area chairs meeting in Inverness on 15/11/18. The final consultation will be in May and any changes will take place after the next elections. No boundary changes are proposed. There will be some mergers where CCs have requested it. Youth member and a floating seat for other community groups were suggestions

Schools Reorganisation
Suggestions were a 3-18 campus In Kinlochleven and St Brides/Glencoe and Ballachulish/Duror with a head for each.

North Ballachulish
AB to ask Pauline Donaldson about the removal of the single white line as a traffic calming measure

Operation Cedar
NM gave a report on this traffic operation. 2 speeding offences and one no MOT occurred in Onich. Report appended

Beach clean
CC to move bag to picnic site and email AMC
AMC to notify council
Smaller bags, donated by HC, are now in village hall and will be easier to remove.

Police Officer
The post in Glencoe is being interviewed. Previous officers have found it hard to get accommodation

Water tank
IJ to write expressing community interest


Current balance £1123.94

1. Forest Enterprise Scotland are clear felling at Inchree. SSE has identified the power lines there as vulnerable. IJ will pass on tel.no Of Peter MacDonald if anyone has concerns

1. AMC enquired as to why the Police liaison was not a police officer. Nicola Mair, as special costable is acting as police liaison with the CC and St Brides PS
2. AB to check planning objection at Cross Cottage as owners are in dereliction
3. IJ to phone Peter MacDonald about fly tipping at Inchree
4. Debris is encroaching onto the Cycleway
5. Following lack of response to problems arising on the A82;itbwas decided to catalogue the problems through the village
SL Village Hall to his house
GM SL house to bridge
IJ and LG Village Hall to Cuilcheanna
AM Cuilcheanna to ferry
Photos to be collected at next meeting and put on social media, tagged Transport Scotland, BEAR, MSP and titled Neglect in Nether Lochaber, please share
6. The speed limit at North Ballachulish is to be dropped to 30mph. It should be in force by Easter and there will be step down signs on approach
7. There has been a visit to the MacFatridge site by the planning officer to inspect the encroachment of materials onto this agricultural land. He has written to the owner.
8. Parking at the school has again been raised at a PTA meeting. A suggestion was made to dig up the Community Orchard.
IJ to contact the headmistress with an alternative proposal using part of the playing field
9. The CA has formed a new board which includes Jennifer Jarl .This May lead to a CC vacancy.
10. IJ has taken a new job this may lead to no chair being available on occasion, if both IJ and SL are not available AMC to call the meeting and a chair to be appointed on the night.
11. AB was congratulated on his stand over car parking charges in Fort William.

Operation Cedar Report

Meeting closed at 8.30pm
Date of next meeting Thursday 10 January 7pm

Village Hall meeting at 6.30pm

Minutes – 8th November 2018 – adopted 06/12/18

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 8 November 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Jennifer Jarl, Ann Marie Cameron, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Gordon MacIntyre

Apologies Stewart Livingston

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded JJ

Matters Arising

Inchree Forum
The Inchree group are to join the Community Association and form a subgroup within that organisation

Hydro Inchree
IJ to send letter to Chris Tracey enquiring about community payback

Creag Mhòr cemetery
Maintenance may be HC responsibility
Community council to pay £20+VAT for the search to discover ownership.
AMC to email confirmation of church ownership
IJ to speak to minister about the Community Association maintaining the beds at the front and rebuilding the wall

Coronation Trees
To be put forward as a community Association activity

Cycleway Hedges
AMC to resend to P Devine and H Caplan cc Kate Forbes, Minister and M Mathewson

CC Review
This has been extended to the end of November. IJ to attend meeting in Inverness

Speed Limits
The results of the survey carried out from 26/9-6/10 have been received
DW to ask where the survey was conducted
There is a meeting 14/11/18 in Glencoe of the steering group. Representatives of each school in the cluster group to attend

Annual Grant of £324.91 has been received.
It was noted that this is greatly reduced.
Current balance £1423.94
Donations of £100 will be made to the children’s Christmas party, village hall and Senior citizens

1. From Planning for pods at Carness and change of use at Seannabhaile Old Town
2. Notification of roadworks at Gollanfield 25/6/7 November.
IJ has written in support of the road closure to BEAR and the A 82 partnership

1. LG suggested the removal of the single white line from outside the Old Folks houses at North Ballachulish might help slow down traffic.
2. NM informed that Operation Cedar would be from 12-18 November
Hi Vis patrols would be checking all aspects of motoring
3. FC is clearing rhododendron near Innis na Birlinn
4. AMC enquired on the number of police officers stationed at Glencoe. NM informed there are 3, one officer having moved to Mallaig because no housing was available
5. A ton bag of rubbish has been collected from the beach at North Ballachulish.
CC to move to picnic site for HC uplift. AMC to email HC. IJ to provide another bag
6. Remembrance Sunday service to be held at St Brides Church by the Salvation Army at 4pm to commemorate the centenary of Rev. Railtons idea for a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
7. IJ to ask the fishfarm about underwater noise in Loch Leven
8. IJ to register community interest in st Brides water tank with Scottish Water

Meeting closed at 8.40pm
Date of next meeting Thursday 6 December 7pm

Village Hall meeting at 6.30pm

Minutes – October meeting – adopted 08/11/18

Minutes of Nether Lochaber CCM, October 11th, 2018.

Present: Iain Jenner (IJ), Nicola Mair (NM), Dave Wrigglesworth (DW), Colin Campbell (CC), Jennifer Jarl (JJ)

Apologies: Anne Marie Cameron (AMC), Andrew Baxter (AB), Niall Maclean (NM), Lisa Glaze (LG), Stewart Livingston (SL)
Proposed: CC Seconded: JJ

Matters Arising:
Community Payback Team: ongoing, more timber requiring supplied and prototype board to be completed, SL & IJ in process
Bus timetable for Cuilcheanna: ongoing, AMC to follow up
Defib Signs for Onich Bustop: ongoing, AMC to follow up for HC permissions
Inchree Forum Group: preparing for leaflet drop and public engagement meeting, no date set as yet
Hydroplan at Inchree: no update from FCS, IJ to write to FCS and formally request prior notification of all future projects in our remit, and updates on forestry work activities
BT Works: ongoing, AMC to follow up
Creag Mhor graveyard: deed search has revealed ownership remains with Kirk, ongoing, SL to follow up
Coronation Trees: ongoing
Cycleway/Hedges: ongoing, AMC to follow up with David Devine (?), IJ to contact Iain Macinnes at BBC Scotland
Cross Cottage Planning: ongoing, IJ to follow up
CC Review: IJ to attend conference on November 15th at Glenurqhurt House, Inverness; online survey extended until end of November, all CC Members encouraged to submit a rsponse

Treasurer’s Report: £1099.03

Correspondence: DW received a response to his FOI re speed limit data; TS position appears based on a survey from 11th-19th December, 2008; DW to challenge the adequacy of this given subsequent changes to traffic volumes and road conditions (NCN 78), and continue to pursue VAS signage for Onich

AMC – change of signatory on flower show account to AMC & JJ (Morag Mackintosh no longer involved); proposed IJ, seconded NM
NM – debate over local schools cluster groupings & headteacher management structure to be hosted at Village Hall (date TBC); St.Brides reluctant to be grouped with Kinlochleven campus; concerns over salaries, quality of education; steering group of parents being established.

Minutes – Thursday 6th September – adopted 11.10/18

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM) Jennifer Jarl (JJ),
Apologies –Lisa Glaze Stewart Livingston (SL)
Also present- Marie Law & Anne MacKay-Boyd (NHS) Gordon MacIntyre

Minutes from July meeting – proposed by CC seconded by NM

COMMUNITY PAYBACK – IJ has been in touch with co-ordinator and they would be happy to build the notice boards over the winter.

KATE FORBES – attended the recent ASLCC meeting. Raised concern re community empowerment. Cllr MacLean suggested the Scottish Gov. Create an audit for feedback.

Highland Council- request for bus timetable to be erected at Cuilchenna – also chase up new bus stop at Old Town – AM – to follow up
DEFIB SIGNS – suggest they be erected on bus shelter at Onich Store – AM to contact Highland Council re permissions

TREASURER REPORT – £1164.42 – with 1 x cheque to clear for £65.39

FC response – no reply as yet

Inchree – ongoing

Website – info to come re upgrading

HYDRO PLAN INCHREE – no update – waiting got contact from FC – IJ/CC TO DEAL.

BT WORKS – IJ has a letter from BT re fiber optic works onging through village. Letter has been stuffed under door at hall. This is to be followed up. AM to get letter and follow up.

SL – Old Cemetery – continuing

Kate Ward – complaint re ‘new’ Old Town sign – AM followed this up and had the reply from David Devine of Transport Scotland. Although signs are not to be removed they are to be amendned

Coronation trees – Continuing.

Quayside lorries – Nm passed this enquiry to Police Scotland and there is no crime re the liquid expelled from the lorries

New Hospital – discussions.
Marie Law NHS Highland district manager Adult Services Lochaber and
Anne MacKay-Boyd Rural general hospital manager for the Belford Hospital were invited to join in this discussion and thanked for taking the time to come along.

Marie gave an outline of where this project is and the projected end date of 2020/22. Blue prints are available and link will be forwarded to NLCC and can be published on our website. Following the recent meeting there was good local representation and positivity. The site has been checked and considered v.good. Having to look at impact Liberty will have on area as well ie increase of population.

Anne – move still to be a 24/7 consultant lead hospital – challenging time ahead as trying to recruit but hoping that upcoming interviews will prove positive. It is costly covering with locums and what is needed is more General consultant instead of specialisms, but both necessary.

IJ asked if capacity would be same – answer was yes –trying to secure same number of beds.

NM – any paediatric services – NO unlikely – still Raigmore or Glasgow

Helipad- FW covered by dedicated trauma team from Aberdeen. IJ raised locating helip at FW to cover west due to road issues.

CC raised traffic management issues.
IJ also asked about patient transfers
Both Marie and Anne were thanks for all the information provided and they left the meeting.

Plaque at orchard – NM reports plaque gone poss grass cutters

Cylce way / hedges – DW raised concern re the shrubs and hedges protruding on to the path. IJ states this is responsibility of BEAR, as per 2014 agreement. AM to write –email to David Devine and others, cc IJ and Sustrans to email.

Cross Cottage planning – GM asked if NLCC would object as a matter of principle due to planning at this site for house. Waste of good croft land and entrance issues along with visibility. IJ to submit.

Community Council Review – IJ creating submission – (will distribute for checking prior to submission)

Meeting closed .


Minutes – 7th July 2018

Present –Iain Jenner (IJ), Colin Campbell (CC), Ann Marie Cameron (AM) , Dave Wrigglesworth (DW) Nicola Mair (NM) Stewart Livingston (SL)
Apologies –Jennifer Jarl (JJ), Lisa Glaze Cllr Andrew Baxter
Also – Kate Ward, Linda MacLachlan

Minutes from June meeting – proposed by CC seconded by IJ

NLVH BUSINESS – Kate Ward present to hand over cheque to NLVH following the folding up of the Nether Lochaber Country Dancers bank account and club. Donation cheque was for £464.60 passed to AM for banking. Many thanks for this donation.

COMMUNITY PAYBACK – NM has been in contact and they would be able to help out with cutting shrubs at hall and possibly to erect notice boards but would ask us toe make up a list – IJ interested – NM to pass contact number to IJ/AM

KATE FORBES – no reply – IJ to contact again and copy in press/BBC – IJ

Highland Council- request for bus timetable to be erected at Cuilchenna – also chase up new bus stop at Old Town – AM

NLCA NEXT DATE ; next project is tidy up at picnic site -08/07/18

Loch Leven Pods – Through planning. IJ has been in contact with press to provide more information.

Cycle way bridge – Inchree- in for planning

FC response – no reply as yet


New Hospital visit – We had been due to have a rep from the working group attend and update us but due to resignation at NHS we have delayed this meeting. Request that a public meeting be held – AM TO CONTACT

DEFIB SIGNS – NM has delivered the signs. To be fixed up near the phone box. She has also noted the id ref number from the defib which are needed by Ambulance. AM to get quote for insuring defib.

TREASURER REPORT – £1164.42 – with 1 x cheque to clear for £65.39
Discussion re donations which we regularly do. Agreement that 2 x groups will receive money and on receipt of grant we will give the other 2 x groups their money. AM to deal.

Inchree – ongoing

Website – new/upgraded website is now active. NLCA will have a page also. IJ suggested having an archive section old photos and history items. This is following the success of the Memories weekend.

HYDRO PLAN INCHREE – no update – waiting got contact from FC – IJ/CC TO DEAL.

SCHOOL HEAD RETIRES– Susan Kemp has retired from St Brides, there is to be a School Cluster meeting on 4th Sept @ 730pm (where?)

BT WORKS – IJ has a letter from BT re fiber optic works onging through village. Letter has been stuffed under door at hall. This is to be followed up. AM to get letter and follow up.

Poo Bin @ Cuilchenna – there has been an issue with the overflowing poo bin at Cuilchenna . Appears to have been resolved with new bin and double collection but overflow is refuse and not poo bags so why are people using it.

SL – Old Cemetery – has been in touch with Highland council re asset transfer

Kate Ward – complaint re ‘new’ Old Town sign and the stress it is causing at this location. AM to contact Bear Manager and Copy in A82 partnership

Linda MacLachlan – Coronation trees – Linda states the trees need attention.. Nlcc have marker signs which need installed also. She was also concerned re the amount of water which still runs from the back of Quaryside lorries heading south.

1. IJ – Show schedule – to go on website
2. IJ – Website – some proposed changes to incorporate NLCA which Niall Blair will work on.
3. GPS APP – 3 words – this is an app which allocates 3 words to any GPS point anywher3e in the world with no two alike. Would be useful to emergency services. Can it be installed on website?
4. Sewage – Discussion re sewage outflows which are still going into Loch Leven as outflows from Dunbeg to Kinlochleven and from Upper Carnoch Glencoe and Invercoe areas exit to loch so water still effected but pollutants which was the main reason for the expansion at the bridge.

Meeting closed .



Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Dave Wrigglesworth, Nicola Mair, Jennifer Jarl, Lisa
Glaze (minute sec),
Apologies Ann Marie Cameron, Stewart Livingston, Andrew Baxter
Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded NM
Matters Arising
NM to contact Community Payback Team to see if they would be able to
The project will continue later in the year when everyone has more time. Looking
for community volunteers.
Participation Request
IJ is awaiting a reply from Kate Forbes
Community Association
The formal opening of the picnic site was well attended.
Next activity day is Sunday 10 June- Cuilcheanna bus stop and memorial cross
Will be coming up at planning next week.
Shiel buses have the emergency contract to the end of August. 90% of services will
continue. The penultimate night bus and 44 service between 16.10 and 18.40 will not be
running. The tender for the new contract is out in July and will start in September.
IJ to send temporary timetable to website
Inchree Bridge and Cycleway
Bear has put in a planning application for the cycle track bridge
IJ to speak to SUSTRANS about camber on Ballachulish Bridge
Dangerous overhanging vegetation, loose gravel and dangerous parking are all issues.
NM suggested phoning 101 to report. It may be possible to continue the green line
around the Bayside corner.
JJ to photograph vehicles parking half on cycleway at the dangerous corner at
Composting Toilets
Ben Starkey has now installed toilets.
FC have not yet replied.
£1,167.42 in bank
1. A Rep will attend the meeting in July to discuss the new hospital
2. NM to collect new defibrillator signs
3. To comply with new data protection rules anyone named in minutes must be aware
and have given permission
4. AMC to draft a letter from Cc to all residents with vegetation overhanging the
cycleway asking them to cut it back as it is extremely hazardous to the public
5. JJ to speak to the Grazings clerk for permission to cut the grass at the cafe
6. 500 police officer s are to be trained in the use of tasers in the Highlands. IJ asked
NM To enquire over funding in light of funds being unavailable for an A82
investigation team. LG enquired as to whether officers attending the MTB World Cup
at Nevis Range were armed.
7. Fence at Bal Ur playpark has collapsed. NM has approached HC with no result. IJ
suggested sending a photo to the council and Lochaber Times.
8. Hydroplan has been investigating hydro power generation in Glen Righ. We have
not been notified of this, the developer may be prepared to come along and speak to
us. The F.C. will receive rent and the community would be eligible for 5% community
payback. If, at a later date, there is a community buyout of Inchree forest this would
include the rental revenue.
9. AMC to report fly tipping at Inchree bus shelter
10. There is a Highland Council consultation about communities taking over grass
cutting etc.
11. The headteacher at St Brides has announced her retirement. There is a meeting at
the school about future school management.
12. Inchree Forum: a suggestion to approach the Lochaber Housing Association for a
trial site to create allotments as a start was agreed. IJ to notify the steering group.
Meeting closed at 9pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 5 July 2018 7pm
VILLAGE HALL meeting 6.30pm

Minutes of a meeting held on 5 April 2018

Minutes of a meeting of Nether Lochaber Community Council held on 5 April 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell,, Dave Wrigglesworth, Ann Marie Cameron, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Gordon MacIntyre

Apologies Stewart Livingston , Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed DW Seconded AMC

Matters Arising

Road Safety
A Baxter notified by Pauline Donaldson of the traffic survey results. 85% of traffic is driving at the speed limit @40mph and, therefore, HC sees the B863 at N Ballachulish as unsuitable for a 30mph limit.
IJ to respond

The first is now built and ready to be installed at the school.

The CC is itemising admin costs with a view to applying to the Discretionary Fund. To include hall rental and minute secretary.

Flashing Sign
AMC to write to Transport Scotland

Participation Request
IJ and DW to flesh out CC letter requesting participation in future A82 upgrade consultations in Nether Lochaber

AMC to contact Jo Cowan

Tree opposite cafe
The tree officer has put an enforcement order on the workmen to adhere to protection put in place in planning consent

The next activity day is 8April, working on the picnic site.

There is £863.91 in the account

1. Notification of Insurance with Zurich
2. Resilience funding is available from SSE
3. Planning submission from Loch Leven Hotel for camping pods. There has been a query over access.
4. Reminder to hold AGM date set – 7 June
5. Annual renewal from GRAPL (website)

1. Loch Leven Planning Application. Concerns include public access to road and capacity of the sewage system.
IJ to write comment to planning
2. Bus service – following the closure of their depot by Stagecoach the 44 service may be run on an emergency contract and drop to a 2 hourly service .
AB is proposing bike racks on buses and smaller buses that orbit the Loch.
3. A puddle is forming at the Church coming from a burn at the back.
IJ to inspect.

Meeting closed 8.40pm

Date of next meeting THURSDAY 3 April 2018 7pm
Village Hall meeting at 6.30pm

Minutes of Meeting 1st March 2018

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Dave Wrigglesworth, Ann Marie Cameron, Nicola Mair, Lisa Glaze (minute sec),

Also Jo Cowan (Highland Senior Citizens Network), Andrew Baxter (Cllr.)
Apologies Stewart Livingston

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed CC Seconded NM

Matters Arising

Two representatives from Strontian community attended to talk about their progress, they emphasised communication as key. The potential to incorporate future meetings with Community Council meetings, alternating with the Village Hall Committee was considered.

Creag Mhor Cemetary
JJ to ask Neil Slinger to write to SL

SSE Emergency Power Cut Fund
IJ has sent an application

Flower and Produce Show
JJ and Elaine Cameron are delivering the schedule

Road Safety
NM to speak to Melanie Itze again
IJ waiting to hear from Pauline Donaldson about painting the bridge as you enter N Ballachulish white and putting up a ‘Welcome to North Ballachulish ‘ sign.

The next training dates are 2 March am, and Tuesday 6 evening
AM to create a FB event and put on website

Onich grazings have given their permission to put a Noticeboards near the shop.

The Community Council grant from Highland Council has been cut by approximately half. It consists of a fixed sum plus 13p per resident. Councillors are hoping to mitigate this,in some cases, by using the ward discretionary budget.

Treasurers Statement – The bank balance is £1167.42 of which £400 is to be distributed amongst local groups who will be informed that this donation may not continue.


1. DW noted the presence of police speed operation s
2. The poor condition of the roads were noted. An enquiry has been received about sweeping the pavements, IJ has written to Kate Forbes, BEAR and Transport Scotland pointing out that Transport Scotland is responsible for the cycleway where it is adjacent to the A82.
AM has contacted BEAR about the puddle forming where the road drain has been covered with earth (Inchree)
3. Flashing signs to slow down traffic through the village have been suggested, the Trunk Road Authority would have to give permission, possibly also Highland Council
. NM to ask police for one
AB to write letter from HC
AMC to write to Transport Scotland asking for one at each end of the village.
4. IJ and DW to meet and flesh out the participation request.
5. Jo Cowan proposed that the Community Council invite the Communications team at the New Belford and the Community Partnership to come and speak at a future meeting.
6. AB to ask if a further dog bin could be installed near the Loch Leven slipway.
7. The Community Company is very short of members. It is possibly a vehicle which could be used by the Inchree steering group. The Companies House registration Incurs an annual fee.
LG to ask if the NLCA will cover this.
IJ to speak to Guy Daynes and Paul MacIntyre
Advertising and transparency were seen as key.
8. AB to speak to the tree officer for an assessment of the beech tree opposite the shop.
9. The Village Hall Committee have decided to pursue the building of a new hall after the partial survey by a structural engineer. It is currently safe but not in a good enough condition to renovate.
10. Contact details on the CC website are out of date and should include contact numbers.
11. Nether Lochaber Community Association ‘s next activity day is work on the picnic site at the Gleaner Garage.
12. A refrigerator has been thrown onto the beach at the new picnic site. Litter along the A82 is very bad at the moment and, it was noted, within the BEAR contract.
The fly tipping number to be put on the CC website
Jo Cowan to include litter in Lochaber Life. A publicity campaign could include posters. Meeting closed 8.45pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 5 April 2018 7pm
preceded by an Inchree Steering Group me

MINUTES OF MEETING – 1st February 2018

Minutes for Nether Lochaber Community council
1st of February 2018

Present: Iain Jenner, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair and Colin Campbell
Also: Steven MacIntyre and Andy martin
Apologies: Ann Marie Cameron, Stewart Livingston, Dave Wrigglesworth
Last meetings minutes, proposed by Colin Campbell and second by Nicola Mair

Matters Arising:

Inchree stearing group will meet at Village Hall on the 6th of Feb 2018 at 19.00 hours

Creag Mhor Cemetary:
S.L has contacted N.L.C.A. to see if they can take over Creag Mhor Cemetary ownership. He is waiting for a reply.

Emergency power out:
Jo Cowan sent a link to SSE SDF fund. Iain J has completed an application form and we have now applied for funds to upgrade toilet and kitchen and to put in showers and laundry in to the village hall in case of a power out.

1. Steve MacIntyre application manager – environment team and Andy Martin Site Manager (New Ronnie) came from Marine Harvest to talk about the planning that has been accepted for them to up the cages to 16 from 12. One of the constraints is that they have to put an environment group together to monitor the healt of the fish in our rivers and lochs. They will keep us updated.
2. Gorge burning
3. BT has not removed the cable drum from the burn at old school house. S.L will phone again.
4. A.S.L.C.C had a meeting on the 16th of January -18. Iain Jenner is writing an alternative rout proposal for A.S.L.C.C
5. Flower and produce show schedule is ready and to go out with N.L.C.A leaflets ASAP.
6. Colin Campbell is going to contact Kate Forbs about BEAR Scotland contract that is coming up for a renewal.
7.Melany Itze is going to be in touch with I.J to come down and discuss road safety at the school. B863.
8. DE fib course has been held by David Doughan in the Village hall. Nicola is going to ask if he can repeat it in February and she will try to advertise it a bit more with the assosiations help on FaceBook.
9. Colin Campbell is going to sort out the yearly donations with Ann Marie C.
10. Jennifer J. to phone Andrew MacMaster about fly tipping at Inchree, wades road.
11. Iain is going to see how much it would cost to put up gates at the entrance at Dunbeg coming in to the village.
12. Notice boards has been started and hopefully the new one will be in at the bench by the St.Brides primary school in March. Next one to be built will be the one at old post office and a third one at Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 20.40
Next meeting 1st of March 2018