SECTION I – Home baking
1st – Onich Hotel Cup    2nd Lodge on the Loch Cup
1.   Brown or White Loaf with yeast – NO BREAD MACHINE TO BE USED
2.   4 x Empire Biscuits
3.   4 x Pancakes
4.   Lemon Meringue pie
5.   4 x Cheese Scones
6.   Clootie Dumpling
7.   4 x Sausage Rolls
8.   4 x Brownies
9.   1 x Meatloaf
10.   4 x pieces Shortbread
11.   4 x Cupcakes – decorated
12.   4 x Flapjacks
13.   Quiche Lorraine
14.   Victoria Sponge (Raspberry jam filling only- NO decoration)
Each item to be on paper plates
with labels stapled on and wrapped in cling film

SECTION II – Produce
1st – MacKintosh Corran Cup
NOTE -ALL jams must be Wax covered – NO METAL LIDS
ALL jams must be filled to the neck of the jar
and can be any size
1.   Strawberry Jam
2.   Wild-card jam – fruit of your choice
3.   Fruit Curd – your choice
4.   Marmalade
5.   Chutney
6.   6 Hens eggs
7.   6 pieces Tablet
8.   Homemade alcoholic drink ie Beer/Wine
9.   Flask soup – FRENCH ONION SOUP

SECTION III – Knitting
1st – Corran Bar Trophy (ALL ITEMS NEW TO SHOW)
1.   A knitted article of clothing – your choice
2.   Pram Cover
3.   Item of crochet
4.   Tea Cosy
5.   Hand Knitted toy

SECTION IV – Handicraft
1st – Camus Na Gaul Cup
1.   Article in Embroidery
2.   Cushion Cover – any material
3.   Item of Hand Made Jewellery
4.   Colored photograph – ‘A GATE’ – NOT MOUNTED
5.   Painted picture – any subject using any medium
6.   Pencil or charcoal drawing – any subject
7.   Article made using recycled materials or up cycled
8.   Non-flower Wreath decoration
9.   Hand Tied Fishing Fly
10.   Article in Wood

SECTION V – Floral Decoration
1st – Marjorie Summers Trophy
1.   Decorate a hat with fresh flowers
2.   Display IN A CUP AND SAUCER
incorporated into design

1st – Gleaner Oil Cup    2nd – Old Manse Trophy
1   4 stems Floribunda Roses
2   1 x Gladioli
3   4 x Sweet Peas
4   4 x Pansies

5   4 Mixed Stems (Annuals)
6   4 Mixed Stems (Perennials)

7   2 x Begonia
8   2 x Decorative Dahlia

9   4 x stems Hydrangea
10   1 Flowering INDOOR Pot plant

11   1 x Flowering OUT DOOR pot plant
12   Foliage pot plant
13   Hanging Basket – any size

15      Cacti/Succulent
16  4 x Marigold      
Home-made Compost

SECTION VII – Garden Produce
1st – Old School Cup
1.    2 x Swedes         2.   2 x Turnips
3.    1 Cabbage         4.   6 Pea Pods
5.    3 Carrots            6.   2 x Leeks
7.    4 White Potatoes         8.   4 Colored Potatoes
9.    1 Lettuce   (Any variety)      10. 2 Onions
11.  3 x Tomatoes         12. 3 x Cherry Tomatoes (RED)
13.  Bunch of Parsley         14. 3 x stalks of Rhubarb
15.  1 x Pepper (Any variety)           16.  1 x Marrow
17.  2 x Beetroot (any shape)      18.  4 Spring Onions (1 variety)
19.  4 x Runner Beans                     20.   4 x Broad Beans
21.  1 x Cauliflower         22.  Bouquet of Herbs – 5 varieties
23.  Collection of Mixed vegetables – 5 varieties
24.  Collection of Greenhouse Grown fruits/vegs (can be both)– 5 varieties
Please only use container size  18”x12”x6” for class 23 & 24

SECTION VIII – Children’s section
Group 1 – pre school  –   Group 2 – P1-P3             Group 3 – P4 – P7
1.  Decorated Butterfly Cake        2. Decorate a Flower pot
3.  Cress head in empty decorated eggshell sitting in eggcup
4 . Decorated Gingerbread person   5. Model clay piece of fruit or veg
6.  Make a Christmas Card               7. A4 size picture of a butterfuly

Children section – note age on entry.
Front Cover –     A4 size Flower show front page design 2018

1.   Hall open Saturday 3rd Sept – 6pm-8pm for handicraft entries
2.   Exhibits  to be at the hall between 9.00 to 10.00 am
3.   All exhibitors must pay admission fee at door
4.   Entries confined to the area between Corran and Callart
5.   The judges will place prize-winners in each class1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
6.   The decision of the judge is final
7.   A competition label must be attached to each exhibit showing the section and class number.  All labels will be opened after the judging.
8.   Entries limited to ONE PER CLASS in each section.
9.   NO fee for exhibit entries and classes open to ALL ages
10.   NO Handicraft/Knitting item which have previously been exhibited in this show, can be entered
11.   NO knitted/crochet  articles to be laundered before exhibition
12.   NO exhibits to be removed before prize giving
13.   Painted picture can use watercolor/acrylic or oil
14.   Sections I to VII open to all ages

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Minutes from meeting held on 1st June 2017

Present Iain Jenner, Colin Campbell, Jennifer Jarl, Nicola Mair, Stuart Livingston, Lisa Glaze
(minute sec),

Also Neil Slinger, Clare Slinger, Andrew Baxter(late)

Apologies AnnMarie Cameron

Minutes of last meeting be accepted proposed SL Seconded CC

Matters Arising
Byre at Old Town – SL Historic Scotland have declined to list
IJ to discuss with Gordon MacIntyre an approach to the owner to gauge interest in passing
on to the community
SL to write to Carn Mor who may be interested

iPad is ordered, case has arrived. Cheque for £380 to be given to Alan Knox
Community Association has been asked to organise painting of phone box.
NM to ask Neil Malcolm to do electrics

SUSTRANS is to ask Transport Scotland about flower baskets on railings
CA has sent list for funding application. Gleaner Picnic Site – Loch Eil estates have given consent
AMC to ask HC for a dog waste bin
The Community Association may supply a combination poo bag dispenser and bin.

Special Area of Conservation
The drop,in afternoon at the village hall had a good turnout from the crofting community

IJ attended on 23/5/2017
IJ has written a letter about the sewage system and provision onsite for future
developments which will be forwarded to HC in due course.

SL to ask Alan Ward about ownership of strip of land below St Brides.

Overgrown vegetation
Bear has informed the landowner who has dealt with the problem. To be monitored.
IJ will ask John Wrigley if the dangerous overhanging oak branch can be removed
when the road is closed to put in cycleway bridge.

1. All Round Signs have quoted over £3000 for 2 replacement notice boards, two other
similar quotes have been received.
TREASURERS STATEMENT – £1231.93 in account.

A82 Summit
This is to be held on 23/6/2017 in Crianlarich. Two reps from the 9 Lochaber
CC’s will be going. There will be a joint statement for upgrading and each cc
will submit a letter outlining their concerns to be handed to the minister.
IJ will write including visibility/speed/resurfacing/traffic volumes and
our support for expanding sea/rail and in the long term a new route
avoiding Onich.
To be distributed before the meeting for consultation.

Creag Mhor Graveyard
No response to enquiry about Community taking it over.
SL to write to Dot Ferguson and speak to Malcolm Kinnear.
AB to speak to Debbie Sutton Amenities Manager.
SL to speak to AMC with reference to Innis an Bhirlin insurance requirements etc.

A Public Meeting has been advertised for 24/6/2017. AB will chair from
3-4.30. The Four Seasons will be open from 1.30 with info and maps. The
forestry commission, Lochaber housing association and Kate Forbes have
been invited. IJ to compile leaflet – Monday 5/6/2017 CA to meet and compile questions. To be printed at
Printsmith, put online and delivered to each household.

Community Association weekend activity is beachclean at Onich Bay 10am 4/6/2017

INCHREE CC to cut grass if his farmers insurance covers it.

BUSES to Oban have been cut.
AB to meet meet with bus companies

SL to phone BT about cable drum in burn

IJ to write to FC about funding for a feasibility study into proposals
Hydro the developer for the proposed Hydro scheme in Inchree is pulling out. Options are
1. FC develops with stake for the community
2. Another developer to build with community
Completion has to be by September 2018
Meeting closed 9.23pm
Date of next meeting THURSDAY 6 JULY 2017 7pm