Minutes of inaugural meeting of the Inchree Steering Group 11th July 2019

Present:  Elaine Cameron, Chaela Carrell, Lisa Glaze, Iain Jenner, Jill Morrow, Steve Morrow, Dougie Pryce, Karl Spierling,

1          Apologies: Gordon MacIntyre, Zuza Pryce,

2          Minutes from last meeting

            Proposed:  Iain Jenner, Seconded: Steve Morrow

3          Election of officers:

            Chair:                          Karl Spierling

            Secretary:                   Elaine Cameron

            Minutes secretary:      Jill Morrow

            Treasurer:                   Not needed just now as part of NLCA

            Social media posts:     Lisa Glaze

4          Forestry Buildings

            Initial focus is on the Hub.

            IJ sent a document to CM with the group’s thoughts about the future of the barns.

            CM out of office until 15th July.  Copied to Andrew Baxter

            Personalised OS map showing Inchree settlement and Glen Righ Forest.


            EC to look into getting a paper copy and a digital copy.  NLCA to fund this.

            CM wants a meeting soon.  A representative from FLS is in the area on 25th July.


            LG to provisionally book the village hall for that evening.

            IJ to contact Gary Servant, John MacDonald, Andrew Baxter, Neil MacLean, Kate Forbes

5          Funding

            Target HIE for feasibility study. SLF for acquisition.  Other sources e.g. National Lottery for          renovation.

            Renovation costs 50% more than a new build.  Initially need to make the shell secure.                   Need 3 tenders.                      


            KS to speak to John MacDonald re funding for feasibility study.

            Get forms 


            CC to complete forms.

            Target end of August to get forms in.


            IJ to approach David Mee (architect) to see if he is interested in getting involved.

6          Planning

            Susan MacMillan (Fort William) has a remit to help community groups.

            The group can submit a pre-application for £40 and get advice before final submission.

            Once permission is granted there is 3 years to implement.

7          The Fields


            EC to contact Fiona Sorley LHA to arrange a meeting


            IJ to contact Kathy Mayne (SNH) who is an independent ecologist.

8          AOB


            LG to put notice of meetings and minutes on NLCC and NLCA websites. 

            Also posts on   Face Book

            Voluntary hours


            EC and JM to count up hours from meetings and the Open Day.

            Each person responsible for submitting individual hours to EC.

            Meeting closed at 8:30

            Next meeting 8th August Village Hall at 7:00pm